DEF CON Volunteers Wanted for the Biohacking Village
  • cyberlasscyberlass March 14
    Who is interested in volunteering at the Biohacking Village at DEF CON? They are happy to have us help out.

    Some room setup/teardownPeople herdingReporting room issues There's no free/reduced admission for volunteers, it's more helping and networking. I like the idea of having a strong grinder presence at the biohacking village. 
  • glimsglims March 20
    *raises hand*
    What needs to be done to get on the list?

  • chironexchironex March 20
    Seconded. Happy to help out
  • Is there a specific place they're taking signups? I'm happy to throw my name into the list :)
  • JupiterJupiter March 26
    Regrettably, I won't be there. I'd love to know how it goes though.
  • cyberlasscyberlass March 26
    Just put in this thread that you are interested or send a private message. I'm going to collect info and put us all in a group email to the coordinator. :)
  • c00p3rc00p3r June 24
    if your not able to make it out but are gifted in video editing, you can also help out the dmp crew in preparing the video of all the talks for publishing send me a pm if you want to help on that front.
  • decaldecal June 25
    I'll be there.. Let me check with my travel agent on what date range I'm going to be in Vegas for.. If I don't have any other commitments, I'll be up for volunteering. I'm looking forward to this village more than any other this year!
  • I will probably be there, let me know if you still need volunteers :)
  • CassoxCassox July 13
    For those interested, we're going to have a grinder pancake breakfast. Giant giant pancakes.
  • @cassox, do you know which day you'll do that? 
  • CassoxCassox July 15
    I'll be working on my calendar tomorrow. Anyone who's driving in have an extra rice maker?
  • @cassox - any update on scheduling?
  • CassoxCassox July 27
    It's going to be Saturday morning at 0800 in octavius tower room 6664.