Failing to read implant on door panels
  • ChopsyChopsy March 6

    I implanted one of the T5577 based tags a couple of weeks ago, and it's healed nicely. My Proxmark3 arrived this week, and I ran through a process to clone an Indala card onto a blank card, and then onto my tag. After a bit of fiddling with position, I was able to write to the tag, and successfully read it back. 

    Unfortunately, I dont seem to be able to get the implant to be read sucessfully on the door reader/panels at work. My cloned card works fine, so I think I've got the cloning process right, and I'm guessing either the tag is too deep, or I'm not getting a good alignment against the panel.

    Any suggestions?
  • The door readers antennas are designed for the card or key fob style NFCs, so the implant does not receive electric current through the air to be read. I encountered the same issue myself and I am in the process of developing a more powerful, smaller size reader specific for implants.

    Maybe in the future the door security companies will take NFC implants in their design process and provide it by default, until then I am going to build my own :)
  • AlexSmithAlexSmith March 16
    Mind posting picture of the reader? Most Indala readers are able to read the small implants fine, but I did come across one older system that didn't, I'd like to check if it's the same type.

    If you can read it with a proxmark3, it's probably not that deep.