Finally Got Myself an M31!
  • JardiJardi March 2
    Sort of an introduce myself thread..
    Thanks to @Ightden I've finally gotten myself an M31 Magnet!
    Opened it up, took a few (crappy) pictures with the microscope... Hoping I can get some of the crud on the outer edges off.......
    Assuming I am successful with the implant, I'll likely be creating different types of "trainers" to help myself adapt to the new sensations.... I'll be happy to post schematics once complete, and working well; I've got a few ideas in mind, if anybody has an idea they'd like to share, please do! I'd be happy to try it out if i'm successful!
    As for the procedure, I live on long island, so seeing Brian Decker in the city isn't exactly a terrible idea.... 

  • ightdenightden March 2
    cool pics, glad it made it to you ok.
  • I wonder if Brian Decker would actually implant a magnet you brought him? I could see him only wanting to implant from his own supply, as those are the only ones he can be certain have met his safety standards.

    Anyway, Brian Decker is wonderful. He implanted my magnet. I highly recommend him.
  • JardiJardi March 2
    oh man, that's true..... I'm going call tomorrow, and see if i can get some information about the procedure. REALLY hope he'll do it..
  • rpykarpyka March 3
    He will, but you should still let him know in advance. He implanted two of my m31s. I've also got a couple of the magnets he supplies and can vouch for their quality.
  • JardiJardi March 3
    @rpyka good to hear! Thank you for calming my nerves! I was unable to get in touch with him over the phone; I just emailed him a few minutes ago..
    Any idea if he is still supplying them though? When did you get them in, if i may ask?
  • rpykarpyka March 3
    Email will work best with Brian, in my experience. He travels sometimes so give him a week or so to reply. He'll also likely want you to make an appointment and pay some part of the procedure up front.

    The magnets he supplies are parylene coated, and come in two sizes (at least they did back when I got mine). I personally think parylene is just fine, but if you only want TiN magnets like the m31 or m36, you'll have to bring your own.

    I got two parylene magnets form him back in december 2013, and those are still doing great. I got two m31s put in by him in feb last year, and one is doing well, the other one is a bit tender recently, but I think that has to do more with location and the magnet itself, the procedure went well.
  • JardiJardi March 4
    I should have come here first; I just emailed him asking if he supplies magnets, and how much.... but also, i just discovered something not so pleasing with the magnet....... Definitely really disappointed, was going to TiN for maximum sensitivity... arghhg
  • JardiJardi March 4
    @rpyka how is the sensitivity with your parylene magnets compared to you TiN one? not too much in it for lifting; I'm going for absolute maximum sensitivity.. ie, being able to tell which way is north..
  • rpykarpyka March 4
    I can't give you a direct comparison like you want, but someone else on the forums might be able to.

    I got 2 3x5mm parylene cylinders from Decker, one in each ring finger. They're pretty sensitive and great for lifting, but are in the pads of my fingers and need some care when doing heavy lifting or other work. The 2 m31s I had Decker implant are in my right wrist and right tragus. Both were experiments, one to check wrist sensitivity, one to try the implanted headphones thing. The wrist barely picks up any fields for me, but can still lift small paperclips. I think that's just an issue with the area and not with the magnet. I got another m31 in my left pinky, but that's rejecting and I can't feel shit through the swelling around it. (I should probably cut that out...) 
  • @Jardi  Those pictures sure look like the coating was damaged BUT, could it just be some metallic dust stuck to the magnet?  Probably not but it is a magnet and might have picked up something.  A lot of the little magnets I got off ebay (probably not for implant) and have played with have some black stuff stuck on them.
  • I'm fairly certain that's a coating defect. If you look closely, you can see that the edge where the black is appears slightly recessed. Also, because of the way that the light is shining on the magnet, junk that's on the surface casts shadows nearby. That spot doesn't appear to have any shadow, which suggests that it's a gouge, rather than covering.

    I wonder if there's a way to repair it.