m31 for sale
  • ightdenightden February 20
    Still in it's original packaging from dangerous things.  First come, first serve - serious buyers only.  PM me if interested.  I accept bitcoin/paypal.

  • JardiJardi February 22
    Still available? Absolutely 10/10 interested! 
    Kind of shocked nobody has jumped on this yet..
  • tbaleanntbaleann February 23
    @jardi I tried to but he stopped responding. Edit: post now irrelevant. Received further explanation below all good.
  • ightdenightden February 24
    yeah because it's pending sale to another user.  I'll get back to you if they fall through though.
  • BirdhandzBirdhandz February 24
    Is this the same magnet you were trying to sell before or did you buy a lot of extras when they were available?

  • tbaleanntbaleann February 24
    @Birdhandz They gave me proof that this one is different to the previous one.
  • BirdhandzBirdhandz February 24
    @tbaleann Thanks for the reply.  I wonder if there are other unused, implantable magnets out there that were bought when they were available?

  • ightdenightden February 24

    admins can delete this thread or whatever now