• cyberlasscyberlass February 16

    Sorry to write it but there is a delay

    There was an update that did not play nice with our ability to import the data. The Go-Live has been pushed back a couple of days while Mmuyskens, BirdMachine, tekniklr and other kind tech souls to lend a hand to figure out the best fix. If you want to help, jump into the #website Slack channel. More updates as we make progress.

    New Website Go-Live is TBD
    We are switching to new forums software which has a different look and a (finally!) mobile friendly platform. The threads on this site will be locked down and then the migration will take place. Once complete we will flip over to the new site and everyone can settle in.

    All user accounts will be migrated over, however each user will need to:
    * Do a password reset to set their password on the new system
    * Upload an avatar picture if they want one (we aren’t able to bring them over) 
    The wiki content will be moved over to a basic wiki. The community can then clean it up and make use of real wiki formatting. 

    But we aren't stopping with this release, upcoming features (2017-2018):
    * QA site (Stack Overflow style) * Project boards * Groups pages * Resources list

    A big thanks to Bird and Mmuyskens, their skills and generous donation of time and materials is what has made this happen. 

    Thanks also to everyone who contributed, tested and pitched in to keep things moving, including Meanderpaul, BoboTheEpic, Zwytechhacker, JohnDoe, Jupiter, TheGreyKnight, Alex, Jack, rpyka, TimmyCNinja, and AmosKamal. (I apologize if I missed anyone)
  • CathasachCathasach February 16
    Woh! Huge thanks to you cyberlass, and to everyone who made this happen!
  • ZerbulaZerbula February 16
    Yeaaaaaa! :D

    Great job, team! >3< Excited
  • decaldecal February 17
    Out of curiosity, which forum software will the new site be using? Looks like the current is PHP Vanilla: http://forum.biohack.me/README

  • cyberlasscyberlass February 17
    @decal we are moving to Discourse.

    *UPDATE* We've moved the Go-Live up one day to Tues! 
    Dayjob scheduling change -- but we can just say it's delivering early thanks to the magnitude of awesome from the website folk. ;)
  • JohnDoeJohnDoe February 19
    I am eagerly awaiting the new site:)
  • _Larry__Larry_ February 20
    Where will the link for the new site be posted? On this forum before it closes?

  • mmuyskensmmuyskens February 20
    Link will remain the same;


  • ZwytechhackerZwytechhacker February 21
    it doesn't look any different

  • BirdMachineBirdMachine February 21
    Rollover is  closer to 2pm PST / 5pm EST.
    The countdown begins! :D
  • TheGreyKnightTheGreyKnight February 21
    The Hype is so real. 
  • JohnDoeJohnDoe February 21
    Fair well old format, you served us well. How ever innovation and community growth has took the day.
  • glimsglims February 21
    Finally. Thank you.
  • cyberlasscyberlass February 21
    Possible delay on the rollover -- mere hours though. We will update as it starts. :)
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens February 21
    Hitting a few snags - still hope to have it completed by tonight!
  • TheGreyKnightTheGreyKnight February 21
    The old system just won't give up the ghost, will it?
  • cyberlasscyberlass February 21
    @TheGreyKnight it senses its impending doom and struggles mightily.