My kingdom for a (bioproof) magnet
  • ScrubathustraScrubathustra February 13
    Hello there, obvious newbie here.

    I decided to get a magnet implant and have obtained all the necessary ingredients (including a med student), but alas, a magnet with a proper coating seems to be evading me. I was wondering if any of you would be willing to sell a couple, or even a single magnet, seeing that the magnets at are out of stock till further notice and I have failed to find a supplier here in Europe. The cost of oversee shipping is ridiculous, but if it's only a single magnet, it might be plausible to sent it via a letter?

  • ThomasEgiThomasEgi February 13
    Producing magnets that can meet the high quality demanded is an ongoing challenge.
    There are currently new experiments in preparation based on coating a single thin epoxy film onto a free floating magnet. The idea is promising but so far it's all a thought until parts arrive and the apparatus can be build and tested.

    Sending magnets around is not so much a problem. Producing good magnets in first place is more demanding.

    Oh and welcome to the board!

    PS: how big is your kingdom? I'd totally take a small farm or something comparable. As long as it is big enough to keep 2 ponies.
  • ScrubathustraScrubathustra February 14
    I understand that it's a complicated process, I was just wondering if somebody had a surplus that he/she was willing to sell... Can't wait and all that, you know how it goes.

    As for the kingdom, it's roughly 2 acres, but let's not get caught up with the physical dimensions.
  • SupermanSuperman February 14
    If anyone did I would love one as well.
  • BadHorseBadHorse February 16
    So far the most convenient to order one I've found is from but I'm definitely interested in finding something better.
  • ScrubathustraScrubathustra February 17
    Thanks man, but a 100 bucks + the inevitable shipping for a suboptimal magnet seems a tad too much, like you've pointed out.

    Maybe I'm just stingy, but coating a magnet with gold at home seems more appealing at the moment.
  • ShaskoShasko February 17
    I am in the same "Problem" that you, and coat a magnet with gold in home is not than easy, you should have a lot of stuff and they are expensive, the best you can do if you want a gold coated magnet is ask to a jawelry, but, before do everything, please read a lot as you can, a infection or nickel poisoning sound really bad.
    Pd: Apologies for my english, i hope everything goes right, and let us know if you do something.