Looking for a new pet?
  • CassoxCassox February 9
    So, I have was way too many Madagascar hissing roaches. If anyone wants some, just pay shipping. They've got to be kept pretty warm too. Not for killing, or harming or experimentation. Just pets.
  • BirdhandzBirdhandz February 9
    I'm interested but how well would they survive shipping to Pennsylvania this time of year?  I had some as pets years ago and have wanted to get more but never did.

    I don't remember what time of year I ordered them before but they came in a flat rate shipping box with no other packaging.  I was surprised when I opened the box and cockroaches came out but I caught them all.
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul February 9
    Usually a couple hand warmers in the box will keep them alive up here when shipped this time of year.( northeast)