Almost fainted when implanting. Any solution?
  • Stalinv2Stalinv2 February 7
    I almost fainted when implanting. Or more specifically, cutting my finger open. I tried numbing the finger with ice as seen at The cutting was unbearable, causing myself to feel extremely over-heated and sweaty, yet be cold at the same time. The only solutions that I may think of are lidocaine or having a buddy implant while I have fainted. Neither of these seem to be very viable due to that I have neither access to lidocaine or a willing friend. Will anyone state any solutions to this predicament before I try again tomorrow?
    I'm also very sorry if this post was hard to understand, as English is not my native language.
  • Stalinv2Stalinv2 February 7
    I also got ~1/6 inch deep. The magnet, however seemed not have been able to fit.

    edit: I was going to put it in long-ways, having the flat sides of the disc facing the bone and immediate skin.
  • McSTUFFMcSTUFF February 8
    I have passed out after every one of my implants and I didn't even do the procedure.
    I urge you to err on the side of caution. If you're prone to passing out don't try to do this alone.
    It sounds like you know the warning signs, like sweating and feeling hot and cold. I try to have a hearty meal a few hours before you start so I'm not depleted before the procedure.
  • ChrisBotChrisBot February 8
    I would highly recommend using lidocaine. I came very close to passing out on the first time I cut my finger open and had to stop the procedure. There are a few things that you should consider when starting the implant.

    - Make sure you had a good night's sleep
    - Like McSTUFF said, eat a good meal
    - Make sure that you can cool yourself down or warm up on a moments notice
    - I prefer to have some ice water near by
    - Put on some low music to help you relax
    - Have someone to talk to
    - Be confident and always always do your research
  • In addition to everything ChrisBot said, I'd meditate, or at least take some time to calm down and clear your head before the procedure.
  • chironexchironex February 8
    USE. LIDO. I like cody, but when it comes to stuff like this, and generally when it comes to safety, don't take his advice
  • IvoTheSquireIvoTheSquire February 9
    Is there a particular reason why you can't get lidocaine?
  • ZerbulaZerbula February 10
    Please use an anesthetic. Please. :c

    Sounds like you're literally going through trauma with your body unable to react to the pain properly. C_C

    It doesn't sound like it needs to be gone over about how this can affect the success or failure of the procedure...