• gyragrim20gyragrim20 February 7
    i recently watched a video by bulletproof describing some of the ngf's that are out there and one of them was nicotine. in small doses the guy said it wasn't harmful and was in fact helpful. i make my own vape juice and wanted to know if i put nicotine in it would inhaling it give me the effect im looking for and how much would i need to administer to my e liquid for it to give this effect
  • BenbeezyBenbeezy February 7
    Not really. Breathing things in is normally not a good thing unless it is air. and even then bad air does exist. Also ngf is kinda not magic juice.
  • SupermanSuperman February 11
    I'm probably being stupid but what's an NGF?
  • CathasachCathasach February 11
    Nerve Growth Factor

  • _Larry__Larry_ February 15
    @Benbeezy it sounds like he is already vaping so the addition wouldnt be negative. It wont sit in his lungs as nicotine is readily absorbed into the body.