Grindfest 3 date change? Suggestions?
  • CassoxCassox February 5
    Hey, Its come to my attention that 4/22, the originally planned date for GFIII, is the same date on which the March for Science protests are going to occur. Has anyone already gotten tickets or anything? Is there any issue with pushing GF forward a week to April 28, 29, and 30th?
  • BirdMachineBirdMachine February 5
    That falls on my birthday weekend and I am 1000% ok with getting to personally celebrate another survived rotation around this Sun with quality humans doing quality projects :D need to check with work but I'm almost positive I can work with this.
  • CassoxCassox February 5
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens February 6
    Works for me.... Reminds me I should request the time off...
  • CassoxCassox February 6
    Ok, I've tentatively updated the Auglim page with the new dates.
  • AerisAeris February 6
    Not sure if I could really contribute much, but the change would bring it after my finals so I could technically attend.
  • CassoxCassox February 6
    Nice! So far it's better for everyone. Its cool. Contributions are appreciated of course, be it projects, talks, money, whatever.. But not mandatory at all. Just come out and have fun.

    Also, more info on grindfest can be found at

    There's a link at the top of the page.
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens February 8
    Bringing booze is mandatory lol.