New paper on sensitivity of magnet impants
  • CathasachCathasach January 15

    One of the more interesting findings is that square and sawtooth waves tended to be easier to discriminate at low frequencies.

  • sparkspark January 17
    Oh man, good find!  Looks like there's some really good stuff in here. Gonna take me a while to work through it all.  
  • misslittymisslitty January 18
    Really great article!  I like how comprehensive it was
  • CathasachCathasach January 18
    For people interested in induction coils for providing input into a magnet implant I'd suggest Chapter 5, it has the specs for the coil he built. Very specific and made to hook to an audio out for ease of interaction.
  • ZerbulaZerbula January 18
    :D More knowledge!