• Has anyone created a cellular matrix at home? What kit do you advise?
  • glimsglims January 4
    THere isn't really a kit for making cellular matrices

    Can you be a bit more specific about what you're looking for? The term is fairly broad.
  • Honestly, I don't know what I'm talking about.
    I got in touch with some other experts and they say that what I'm trying to do requires a lot of expensive lab equipment and very strict lab hygiene procedures.
    I almost have the money, but it's breaking my budget.

    I am just trying to tinker as much as I can with hands on experiments.
    I assumed created a matrix was relatively easy. I assumed it was a basic step for multiplying cells you wanted to experiment with.

    I'm willing to work with any type of tissue cell that comes from a multi-celled organism.
    I can start with glowing single celled bacteria, but I will definitely get bored too fast.

    With some robotic automation tools I want to brute force several crispr experiments at once.
  • glimsglims January 4
    They're not lying. Multi cell labs just dont come cheap. And your chances to contaminate if you don't know what you are doing are pretty high. 

    Have you done any bacteria work or are you just really enthusiastic and wanting to jump straight to mammal?
  • Why multi-cellular organisms specifically? Single-celled organisms are pretty interesting, too, and present more than a few interesting experimental opportunities. Tinkering with yeast is vastly cheaper (not to mention easier), and there are a number of kits out there to get started with. The experience gained from using them would serve as great stepping stones towards working with more complex organisms.  
  • I'm just really enthusiastic and I feel I'm in a position to make a lot of progress.

    I'm interested in multicellular organism because I want to be able to program them to do swarming tasks.
  • More power to you, knowledge wants to be free. You could maybe look into swarm robotics and see if that piques your interest. I don't know how you feel about robotics, but it specializes in directing robots in swarming tasks. If you want to seriously pursue this line of research, it'd also be worth it to learn and fully understand cell biology and how they communicate. The enthusiasm is great, hopefully you can keep it up, but always be careful to keep in mind how realistically challenging things actually are.  
  • I'm interested in all rapidly developing advanced technologies.
    I've been maintaining the same enthusiasm for more than a decade. Unfortunately, with school and work, I never have enough time to feel like I've learned and conquered an advanced field.

    I feel like I'm on the verge of getting that free time though. Maybe just another year.