Homemade coatings
  • Vick206Vick206 December 2016
    I've browsed the wiki and did some searching on the forums but haven't found a good answer for my question. How would one go about homemade coatings? I would love to compile what people say and put in on the wiki, because as of now (maybe for good reason) the wiki and the community In general seem to suggest buying a m31 when or if they ever get that sorted out. Everyone says just gold is a bad idea, but I haven't found any information on HOW to go about coating them with an additional or different method at home. If Electroplating doesn't work with titanium nitride and there is not much information on homeade coatings, so I am assuming it's impossible for a average joe to do, along with parylene and PTFE. That leaves silicone which haven't been updated for almost a year with a big "coming soon" title. If homemade coatings are just not worth the effort or have huge issues I'm missing but I would love to be able to attempt an implant around Christmas for a few days of recovery. Which seems to be hard with the current state of the community. I know Steve hawthorn magnets are a option but they seem awfully expensive compared to the m31 or user coated magnets.
  • BenbeezyBenbeezy December 2016
    Hey looks thats me! 

    Coatings are super hard to do, and if you coat 10 you might get 3 or 4 that works well. it's a pain in the butt but worth it I guess due to the lack of available magnets. But continue at your own risk.
  • Vick206Vick206 December 2016
    Thanks guys, the wiki made it not like the worst idea ever.
  • FullDiverFullDiver February 3
    @Benbeezy You said that the coating were super hard to do, but it seemed like a rather straightforward process, am I missing something?

    You also said at the beginning that the coating was experimental but you didn't actually say if it worked or not.