Does a magnet affect your use of the designated finger?
  • MilesMiles December 2016
    I'm hoping to get my magnet implanted in the next few weeks, my only concern is it's possible affect on my job. 

    Currently I work in a retail store. I do floor management so I'm often moving stuff around, lifting crates and I assume that getting the implant (ideally left ring finger) would put that finger out of use for a little while. My concern is, once that's healed and it's sat nicely in place, does it still hurt to put pressure on the magnet? 

    I can still lift and move objects without using fingers, I can just shift the weight to the palm of my hand, but I only really hope to have to do that for a short period of time. I'm not sure If I'd be happy not being able to put high pressure on that area every again. 

    So for those who have magnets, have is negatively impacted your ability in this way at all? 
    Thanks in advance!
  • aixreaixre December 2016
    Mine (three fingers on my right hand) haven't been a problem. As long as the magnet is off to one side it shouldn't cause any issues lifting things.
  • ZerbulaZerbula December 2016
    There's a lot of anecdotal evidence around in regards to how people have adjusted to using their hands post implanting. There's some fun reads, just go talking through threads. You'll find people's own experiences with there's. :3

    Applying pressure may or may not cause discomfort or damage to yourself, the magnet, or both. Too many variables, such as force, impulse, skeletal and muscular build, nerves, placement of magnet, etc. ^^

    Most people do talk about discomfort if pressure is applied directly to the magnet, but most have also figured out how to adapt their grips or movements to adjust.
  • jdubbsjdubbs December 2016
    I have my magnet in my left ring finger and I do a lot of rock climbing and weight lifting. My finger was out of commission for a little bit but I was able to use it minimally once the stitches were removed. It was uncomfortable for some time after that if direct pressure was applied, but I've had it for close to three years now and I can't even remember the last time it caused me problems.