Research paper
  • essinnlichessinnlich December 2016
    Hi all! I'm brand new here, but I'd like to ask for help with my research paper - I'm in Biological Anthropology (in college, hah) and the topic I'm most interested in is biohacking! I feel like not many people actually know about it, and I'd like to open at least my classmates' minds a little and maybe they'll pay it forward! 
    I have some questions prepared, a sort of interview-survey mix, and I'd appreciate any and all participants! My email address is [email protected] if you'd prefer not to answer so publicly, and I'd also like to know the names, ages, and genders of my interviewees (only if you feel up to it, of course!)
    Thanks for reading! 
    The questions:
    How would you explain biohacking to someone unfamiliar with the idea?
    How did you get involved, and what kind of biohacking have you done thus far? 
    Has biohacking improved your life, or the opposite? What has been the most useful hack for you personally?
    If the technology were available, what would your ideal biohacked body be like?
    What are the risks involved, and have you experienced any of them?
    What is the most exciting prospect to you (within the realm of biohacking)? 
    Are there any local groups of biohackers that you're involved with? If yes, what do meetings entail? If no, would you be interested in such a group?
    What do you see in the future of biohacking? What kinds of applications do you think biohacking will develop in various career fields? (Medical, law enforcement, accounting, etc)