xEMi Prevent writing to tag
  • olearyoleary November 2016
    Hi, if I grab an xEMi for some keyless locking (https://dangerousthings.com/shop/xem-access-controller/ etc), can I protect it from accidental writes?

    I doubt anyone would maliciously write it, but when I'm messing about with tags etc, can I password protect the thing so I don't mess it up? I've read the NFC implant steps and messed with NFC tags but nothing RFID.

    Sorry I'm a total noob.
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul November 2016
    NFC can be locked and RFID can be protected
  • olearyoleary November 2016
    Awesome, what do I need to purchase in order to protect it?

    I can't wait :)