How unsafe are generic paralene coated magents?
  • olearyoleary November 2016
    Magnets such as these can be found cheaply from asia, but I have no idea regarding coatings and how careful I need to be.

    I assume these sorts of things are completely dangerous, but can anyone tell me why?

  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul November 2016
    Can be is the key part. They aren't technically dangerous in and of themselves but rather may not be suitable to implant for any period of time. You don't know how sterilized it is or if it's even got a good coating/quality.
  • misslittymisslitty November 2016
    Definitely look at the coating under a microscope.  These are Super Magnet Man's Parylene-C coated magnets:

    Anywhere where the coating is lipped, or areas that are entirely uncoated- like the edges were here- will react with oxygen as well as moisture in your body.  If they look okay, do a saline immersion test and see how they fare.  If you're confident enough to implant, you'll definitely want to sterilize beforehand.
  • CassoxCassox November 2016
    Wow. You got that dissecting scope in fast eh?
  • misslittymisslitty November 2016
    I ended up finding one at work, and my family had one they let me have(:
  • olearyoleary November 2016
    Awesome response guys, great photos by the way.

    I might see if I can check/experiment with some just out of interest, but I'll be getting some M31s when available anyway.