Implantable Fileserver with a Vocore2
  • SpeedySpeedy November 2016

    I want to make a Implantable fileserver with a Vcore2 and a USB-storage-stick
    First of all this ist the vocore2

    For Storage I planned a Mushkin Atom with 128GB

    and for battery I planned two NCR18650B

    3400 mAh

    3,7 V

    But now i ran into a problem
    want to charge the batterys Wireless
    So I need a Wireless charging module with 3W - 5W

    I couldnt find such modules anywere !

    and the next thing is I need help for coating
    Wich Coating should i use ?
  • Rocco8620Rocco8620 November 2016
    We already have a thread about an implantable storage device, covering coatings and recharge systems. Please search before posting. You can find such thread here:

  • SpeedySpeedy November 2016
    I know this thread, but i think my device is different 

    1. it needs more power is bigger

    because of this i think my Device Should have its own thread
  • ZwytechhackerZwytechhacker November 2016
    1. Why use a Mushkin atom when a SanDisk 512 GB SD card is smaller when you removed the outer case, or the even smaller microdia 512 GB micro SD card which is even smaller.(

    2.  it doesn't need another thread

    3. coating wise you need to wait if you want to make it a thing you plugin to use, otherwise  you could make it a wireless hard drive and then all you'd need is something like TiN, silicone stainless steel, titanium 
  • CassoxCassox November 2016

    Hey, I have a coating idea for you. Pm me. Maybe we can collab.
  • ThomasEgiThomasEgi November 2016
    I'm pretty sure that TiN, stainless steel and titanium will block your wifi signal. You'd have to go with non metallic / non conductive materials. 
  • ZwytechhackerZwytechhacker November 2016
    ^^ True forgot about that seems a silicone coating is the best way to go