Questions before I implant my magnet
  • cchrispcchrisp November 2016
    Hey everyone, long time lurker, first time poster.

    I've done tons of research into magnet implants, and feel like I have a pretty strong understanding of it. Soon I'll be getting my first magnet, and I thought I would ask a few questions before I get to implanting.

    1. I know I want to implant it on the ring finger of my left hand. In terms of placement, I am unsure where to put it. Is there an optimal spot on the finger which is least likely to damage the magnet? Preferably I would want it slightly below the center of the fingertip. As in, dead center being the swirl of a fingerprint, slightly below that is where I would want to place it. I realize how hard it is to describe that now.

    I guess my question is really, based on all of your experience, where would you recommend placing the magnet?

    2. The more important question: I see a tiny, faint sort of blood vessel basically dead center on all of my fingers. Like some sort of tiny blue vein. Is this something I should worry about/ avoid during implantation? Or are the blood vessels in that region too small to be problematic?

  • McSTUFFMcSTUFF November 2016

    Here is an x-ray of my hands. I have a Haworth magnet in my left ring finger and an m31 in my left index finger. You can pretty clearly see the placement of these from the picture.
  • ightdenightden November 2016
    You won't want it centered on the pad of your finger because it'll get in the way when gripping things, you'll want to do it off to one side.  I chose the side facing the pinky finger because it wont bump against the neighboring finger as my pinky is shorter than my ring finger.  
  • cchrispcchrisp November 2016
    Thanks guys, I'll be doing the same as you, placing it off center towards the pinky. @McSTUFF where did you make your incisions? More towards the side of finger or middle?
  • McSTUFFMcSTUFF November 2016
    ightden is exactly correct.
    For questions about the procedure please consult the wiki. I went to a piercing artist for all my implants so I'm not much help.