• WyldstormWyldstorm November 2016
    Its been a while since carbon nano-tubes were somewhat proven to be able to produce electricity from heat..

    And i've yet to hear someone making a mod that transforms excess body heat to electricity for mods.. 
    And/or 4d printed/produced nano tube mods?
    So, why not? Whats the hold-up and/or limitation?
  • Rocco8620Rocco8620 November 2016
    Can you link an article/paper about nanotubes producing electricity from heat? Thanks
  • WyldstormWyldstorm November 2016
    (there are lots more, but no application has appeared, so im wondering why?)

    Edit: Tripped on (  -which also has alot of potential for biohacking...
  • ZwytechhackerZwytechhacker November 2016
    first ink is broken
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul November 2016
    @chironex has been messing with nanotubes from what I remember
  • chironexchironex November 2016
    Yup, been working on different ways to grow them. I hadn't actually seen this particular use for them, but I have been working on ways to harvest heat for electricity in an implant setting. It'll be a while till it's ready though. That said, during exosphere in january, we'll be exploring a few different ways to do this (heat to electricity) and we'll be growing nanotubes for a variety of things. So if you want to experiment with all that, that'd be the place to do it. 
  • WyldstormWyldstorm November 2016
    I would SO want, but cant most likely. :(
    Any articles you'd recommend if i'd like to try on my own?
    (I myself am after the actuator parts)
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul November 2016
    Check out his videos he goes over how to make them. It's on YouTube under

    The thought emporium.
  • chironexchironex November 2016
    I only show my crude attempts, not a great way of making them. If you really wanna learn about this sort of stuff, you'll want to read up on chemical vapour deposition.