Flex NFC tag not reading
  • njmbb8njmbb8 November 2016
    About a month ago, i installed a flexible tag from cyberise.me. for the past week or so, there has been some difficulty getting it to read but i figured that i just had to figure out the read spot since i had just gotten a new phone. today, i can't get it to read at all. i wired up my pn532 module to my arduino and got a sample sketch running and sure enough, same result as the phone: i can read keychain/card/sticker tags but not my hand
  • JupiterJupiter November 2016
    Did it ever work? After implanting that is. If not, did you by chance test it before implanting it?

    Does the area around the implant have any visible changes since it worked? My guess is the tag either receded into your hand too far (have you tried reading from the other side of your hand?) or it got damaged, either during implanting (and just now got worn down inside your body enough to stop working (in the case that it had been working and now isn't)) or (if your hand shows visible changes) damaged indirectly, through your skin.

    I assume you've thought about it some, so a lot of that may be things you've already thought of. But it would help to diagnose it. I will say that (of course) its best to fix it if possible, rather than remove it and later implant another.
  • njmbb8njmbb8 November 2016
    I'm honestly at a loss trying to figure it out. it's worked for the past month or so(ever since i implanted it on october 18) and recently started having trouble being read by my phone, but i had since replaced the phone due to theft so i figured the new phone had a wonky antenna or some other defect from the manufacturer

    as far as migration concerns, it's on the back of my middle finger so it doesn't have much room to recede and it doesn't seem to have moved laterally or look any different at all, really.

    on the brighter side of things, this will give me a chance to properly document the extraction and installation process as i didn't think to do that the first go round
  • JupiterJupiter November 2016
    Hm... based on that, all I can suggest is trying a different tag with the phone to see if any work. My guess is that perhaps it's a slightly different version than what the phone is compatible with. I've had some experience with dealing with multiple versions of NFC and finding the right tags to work with newer devices.

    Good luck with the replacement process.
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul November 2016
    I'd actually go the other route since you already have a tag in you. Try different phones and see if it's phone or tag. Just walk into att or any phone carrier and try the ones on display.
  • njmbb8njmbb8 November 2016
    I actually have went both directions. I tested other tags on my phone and finally got the motivation to wire up my pn532 module with my Arduino and tested multiple tags as well as my hand with no luck.

    I've been in contact with @alexsmith from cyberise and he has offered either a full refund or replacement. I'll be taking the latter.

    Extraction process should be :
    1. Standard preop stuff
    2. Reopen incision
    3. Squeeze it out

    Or am I missing something?
  • canceriancancerian February 7
    I've got exactly the same problem. I installed a flex nfc  from cyberise.me on the back of my middle finger 9 days ago. At first my phone (LG V20) could read it with no problem. Now, it's been two days that it can't read it. I tried my friend's phone (Galaxy S6) and that could't read it either. 

    Here are two pictures of my hand with the tag