[Magnets] How long did it take before you could feel magnetic fields?
  • SurfSurf November 2016
    I recently got a sensing magnet in my left ring finger around a week ago and have yet to feel anything. I know it can take a while for the nerves and such to heal, I was just curious what other people's experience was.
  • ZwytechhackerZwytechhacker November 2016
    there are already tons of topic dedicated to this just go to magnet discussions and look through them you'll find great detailed answers there o check the wiki the forum is already crowded with magnet discussions 
  • SurfSurf November 2016
    My apologies, I have read the wiki and virtually all the posts already. I was just curious to hear some more experiences from others.
  • ZwytechhackerZwytechhacker November 2016
    It's alright I am just personally fed up with the oversaturation of magnet articles, I mean i know they are important they shouldn't be almost every third post
  • ChrisBotChrisBot November 2016
    @Zwytechhacker, hopefully once the new site is up an running, there will be some better organization of such topics, so you won't have to constantly see these popping up in the feeds lol
  • PostHumanistPostHumanist November 2016
    @surf May I ask where you got your magnet from?  Just curious because as far as I know right now there are no biosafe sources.  
  • BirdhandzBirdhandz November 2016
    I've found that using Google Advanced Search with the site or domain set to http://forum.biohack.me works better than the search feature on this forum.
  • SurfSurf November 2016
    @PostHumanist I have one of Steve Haworth's magnets.
  • PostHumanistPostHumanist November 2016
    Good deal.  I've heard of goobers implanting non-coated magnets they bought on eBay.  Glad you did your research.  I'm still waiting for magnets to come back to the market from cyberise.me before proceeding.

    I'm curious to know what you find out about timing of sensations @surf
  • SurfSurf November 2016
    People seem to have the assumption that newcomers to this forum haven't done any research...

    I have lurked here for years as I had to wait till I was 18 to get one implanted. I went back through to make sure there had not been a dedicated thread for this before posting and even topics close hadn't really been covered in a while and I'm sure there have been many more who have gotten magnets since then as well.
  • tekniklrtekniklr November 2016
    I'm gonna be bold and actually answer your question.

    I first sensed a field with my magnet three days after implantation- I was using my electronic toothbrush and felt the field it emitted. The next day, I could feel the fields coming off of microwave ovens.

    That was last December. Since then I think I've actually lost a small bit of sensitivity.
  • BirdMachineBirdMachine November 2016
    My first one gave me sensation about 2 days it. It wasn't intentional... I was just doing some cleaning and when I picked up my bird's air filter, I noticed it felt like the air was coming out the back, and not the front. My small right middle finger magnet I definitely felt buzzing about either a few hours after or the day after implantation, another accident. Had some solder work to do, and apparently the good ones kick off an intense field. Who knew!

    It definitely can take some time, so I wouldn't be concerned yet :) congrats on the new magnet!
  • ChilliEyeChilliEye November 2016
    Do you feel it is indescribable? 

    I remember reading, I think a comment by Cassox, that to describe it to someone sans magnet is like 'describing red to a blind man'.

    I don't feel so, It just feels like vibrating.

    I'm gutted about that, like I think I messed up, severed the nerves.
  • widronewidrone November 2016
    I went a couple of months before I started picking up the "random waves". 
    Direct and strong magnetic fields I could feel after a couple of weeks. 

    Now 2 years on I pick up on all sort of wierd EM fields, bluetooth signals, transformers on the tram, ac/dc converts (the cheap ones are "bad" and spikey), fans spinning in laptops and sometimes weak signalling of mobile phones. Its really alot more then I had hoped for. Its a m31 from dangerousthings in my left pinky. 

  • BenbeezyBenbeezy November 2016
    @widrone I am sorry man but their is no way that you are feeling the 2.4ghz in bluetooth or from mobile phones. You very well could be feeling the magnets that are in the speakers of those devices but not the real radio waves

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