RFID Questions
  • Mxwhite484Mxwhite484 October 2016
    Hey there! So I was thinking about getting an RDIF Chip though I dont know a ton about them so I was wanting to ask some questions.

    1. My college has an ID card that has an RFID chip in it and I was wondering if I got this reader if I would be able to write and read from this chip.
    I was going to get it on the outside of my pointer finger in between the first and second knuckle on the face of my fist so I could wave the back of my hand at the sensor and have it open up the door for me.

    2. Would I be able to write RFID codes for my college and my girlfriends college cards and a work card? or basically how many card codes can it hold?

  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul October 2016
    Ok so a few things to know.

    1) yes the reader will copy a RFID card.

    2) that chip is not RFID.

    3) one chip=one access card

    So you need to be sure your school or what ever places ID is actually RFID. Once you have that nailed down the next part is figuring out if you can even copy it. I have two cards neither of which I've been able to read yet. A lot of company's have their own proprietary type cards that are harder to read because you need their scanner.

    IF you manage to get the lady's card to have the same code as your work, school then yes it would be able to do both. As for placement I would suggest going up to a reader and seeing how you are most comfortable waving your hand instead of simply picking a spot. If you place that tag in you and your card is actually an NFC you will need to press the implant site on the reader for it to scan.

    NFC is a "contactless" chip....if you count mm for distance. RFID actually has a range which means you don't need to place the card within mm of the reader. We are only talking inches. Most I've seen with a card is 3".
  • BenbeezyBenbeezy October 2016
    https://cyberise.me/21-rewritable-implantable-rfid-chip.html this chip the only one that will copy HID with that cloner. But be careful, my student ID is HID iclass and the iclass makes it so I can not clone my card to my hand.