xNTI chip missing?
  • RevvvsRevvvs October 2016
    I had a xNTI chip implanted in my right hand last july.
    I had some trouble getting it to respond to readers but after some searching it would respond.
    But it seems to be gone now... I get no response from it through any reader and I can't feel it anymore on the spot it used te be located.

    Anyone had the same experience? Is it possible it will happen again when I get magnets implanted?
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens October 2016
    Eh, I'm going to assume since you can't feel it, the chip has just settled lower over time. I have a single chip that I can't feel and it's the same way, extremely difficult to read - if I get a read at all.

    It's going to just come down to placement - for both chips and magnets.

  • sparkspark October 2016
    I had a magnet disappear from my fingertip.  It was put in with a single stitch, and since my first attempt rejected I was super careful to stay away from anything magnetic with it until it healed lest I stress the healing tissue.  When it was healed enough to try it out, I felt nothing and nothing would stick to it.  The magnet was gone.  I even went so far as to get my hand x-rayed - sure enough, nothing there.  It must have fallen out early in the healing process without me noticing.  It's still an absolute mystery to me how I could have managed it.