Magnet implant placement for an active lifestyle.
  • niilohlinniilohlin October 2016
    Hello everybody. I'm a competitive powerlifter and armwrestler and I'm a bit worried that the coating of a magnet in my finger will scratch or be damaged while working out. Especially when deadlifting. Is there a better place to implant the magnet? Or should I not worry?
  • McSTUFFMcSTUFF October 2016
    Are you arm-wrestling chainsaw bears? If not, your coating won't get scratched. If so, I would like to see videos. Please say yes. Implantees have talked about everything from guitar playing to mountain climbing. I guess we talk about rock a lot, HEYO

    Seriously, you won't scratch the coating unless something breaks the skin. I generally advocate Haworth magnets, which are coated in silicone, but this time, I think silicone may not be a good choice at all. Keep in mind that you're putting a hard, pebble-sized chunk under your skin. Don't place it anywhere that's going to shift when you lift.

    You can always try taping an uncoated magnet to your finger then lifting. Use strong tape or it will stick to the barbell.
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul October 2016
    Damn mcstuff your in a great mood today lol. Anyway I have a chip in my hand where the bar would press (normally) during a bench press and I simply adjusted my grip a little to account for it and I never even got any pain to begin with.

    Do you use wraps when you do dreads? That might be enough to add/lessen the pressure on the fingers and I might even say just don't use the one finger. What's the weight you'd be doing with it?
  • niilohlinniilohlin October 2016
    McSTUFF: yeah, no, I arm wrestling hurmans. :( But I will try taping a magnet to my finger and see how it goes.

    Meaanderpaul: Where is your implant? I unfortunately can't use straps as they are not allowed in competitions. My weight are
    Deadlift: 210kg / 460lbs
    Bench press: 145kg / 320lbs
    Squat: 200kg / 440lbs
    Bodyweight: 82kg / 180lbs
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul October 2016
    Mines in the meaty outside of my hand right in line with the bar. Those are some good number for your size. Very nice indeed.

    I honestly don't see the weight really hurting the implant. The more likely scenario is you get pain in that spot. Do what mcstuff said and tape it there or where ever you want it. See how much it contacts the bar it really only would be a dead that would effect it. Start small to get used to it first. Then try adjusting the finger to see if you can modify your grip with compromising the lift.