V2 Firefly discussion... How to implant?
  • ZerbulaZerbula October 2016

    My plan is to, when these are out and about, be putting a V2 Firefly (http://forum.biohack.me/discussion/1470/firefly-tattoos/p1) Into my face, below my right eye. But simply for sake of productivity, and to increase knowledge circulation... What's the plan or idea for putting these monsters in? D:>  Injectors are a thing. The question now is if/how Anesthetics/facial construction in my case. 

    @Alexsmith is the person who develops these, should there be questions in regards to 'i'd like to know x or y' that isn't already answered. Credit to the information about these also goes to him.

    Rough Dimensions are of 3mm x 5mm x18mm. Exterior shell is of Borosilicate glass (Pyrex).

    These can be exposed to autoclave temperatures, and to the best of my knowledge are most likely stable to mild mechanical stress... Glass being strong but fragile. No chemical concerns... I would expect, or at least hope, I couldn't crush one of these long ways between my fingers! >~<

    For myself, positioning constraints are as follow:
    - Cannot either in my eye socket, nor within direct view of my right eye.
    - Cannot be so low as to be level with teeth. 
    - Cannot be further left than the middle of the right eye.
    - Have as minimal of a physical displacement of the skin as possible. 

    Narrows down the area pretty well. Will be ideally putting it in at a roughly 15 degree angle, the lower side towards the center of my face,

    So what are people's ideas? What is the ideal process for installing one of these guys? ^^
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul October 2016
    My concern (with implanting) would be brightness. These are supposed to be brighter then v1 which is a bit more of a worry for that but if you did move it far enough away to not become a nuisance my question is could it migrate up into the eye socket or other unfavorable locations?
  • AlexSmithAlexSmith October 2016
    I'm no doctor, so I don't know about the anatomy of the face, but if I were doing it, I'd go for a placement similar to this, but maybe a bit lower image

  • ZerbulaZerbula October 2016
    About what I was thinking. ^^'
  • trybalwolftrybalwolf October 2016
    The implant procedure that I intend to follow will be basically the same as implanting anything else... i.e. the standard method?

    I plan to make an incision with a scalpel, use a probe to separate the dermal layers creating a pocket, insert and suture shut. Seems simple enough.
  • ZerbulaZerbula October 2016

    We should totally start doing write-ups of different methods for how to implant things for the wiki. 

    This does seem simple... but isn't there any more into it than that? I don't mean like... Of course it's more complex.  But any other major steps? D:>
  • ZerbulaZerbula July 15
    QUESTION! :3

    Anaesthetic is awesome. Should it be used here, like maybe lido, or is this super risky to use in face meats?

    Would lido gel wrapped in with cling film be a good idea for this, @Cassox? This seems like an appropriate circumstance to me, but please correct me if not.
  • HelyxHelyx July 15
    I thought these are coming already in (bigass) needles. What's the reasoning for doing it a different way? I could see a small incision leaving less scarring than the dermal-punch of the needle...
  • ZerbulaZerbula July 15
    This thread was started before the development of the needles used to inject V2. ^^'

    At the moment there isn't any reason to not use the injector, but this thread is still a little useful to myself to finish developing my own process. :D