• MTSMTS September 2016
    has anyone tried microdosing psychedlics like lsd or shrooms to boost problem solving, lessen anxiety, or increase creativity? i'm thinking of trying this out. the concept reminds me of nootropics.

    i came across this blog explaining some cool shit http://thethirdwave.co/blog/lsdforbusinessproblems
  • glimsglims September 2016
    sigh. yes.

    I hate the term but some people I know and I have done it. It's quite useful. I don't have much anxiety, but I notice an increase in productivity .
  • MTSMTS September 2016
    thanks man. thats exactly what i what i needed to hear. hopefully it increases creativity. what term do u prefer?
  • glimsglims September 2016
    I dunno. It's really of no consequence, just a pet peeve.

    It just sounds so hipster drug culture douchey. How about just "dosing"? I mean, if I eat a small sandwich, i don't say i'm micro-eating. And if I take a lot of drugs, I don't call it mega dosing...

    I feel like back in the day, LSD was said to be this tool for radical self improvement... so maybe the "micro dose" is the correct amount and we've all just been over indulging this whole time. In which case, it's just dosing.
  • MTSMTS September 2016
    hahahaha dude i guess
  • kirbygloverkirbyglover September 2016
    I think a better term for it would probably be sub-psychedelic dose, as from what I can recall of what I've learned in the past about the original experiments with LSD that was the term they used when testing its nootropic effects. Obviously it's called sub-psychedelic as none of the visual, auditory, or otherwise effects occur, or at least shouldn't occur, at such a level.
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul September 2016
    I just want to add that they have meds now that are made from lsd. My wife is on it right now. I don't know much about them.
  • DmLawrenceDmLawrence September 2016
    I have read studies in the past where they believe dosing in small amounts can reduce depression symptoms. If I remember correctly they proposed it would allow the subject to be able to eat normally if they hadn't become more creative and productive. I was trying to get my hands on a reputable source but I was unable to locally and I don't trust shady chemist on the dark net to buy it there as Im not sure how to test purity.

    If anyone has suggestions I'd love to try this too.
  • MTSMTS September 2016
    sub-psychedlic makes sense. as long as ppl know what im talking about, im good.

    paul, what meds are they if u can state them?

    yea i am gonna have to get a reputable plug too.
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul September 2016
    Maxalt I'm told. it's ergot derivative. Forgive me if I'm just wrong. This is all second hand info.
  • actiiactii September 2016
    Yea, I have a pretty good amount of experience, purity is the main issue , so mushrooms work best in my experience.

    I ate 100mg of material every other day for fourteen days on three separate occasions, yalthough, It did cause me an increase in some already occurring social anxiety.

  • MTSMTS September 2016
    thx paul ill check it out

    actii, im thinking of trying shrooms instead of lsd too. it inc ur social anxiety but what effects did it have on things like creativity if u dont mind telling?
  • Finn333Finn333 September 2016
    I actually have an idea similar to this. It's based on practices of old medicine men, using psychedelics to have visions of the future. I haven't tried it yet, but basically my idea is to use DMT in 5-mg doses, supplemented by dextroamphetamine and oxiracetam. The reason for this is to create a sort of precognition, similar to shamans, as I said.
  • actiiactii September 2016
    I think everyone would have very different effects...
    I dunno I ate better, was more productive better at problem solving etc. Some confusion here and there spacey ness you could say

    I am not really an artsy type so I think most of it is prob from eating better and while I think supplements are great I feel the effects are not cumulative in this regard, but I may try some of the more exotic options eventually

    SWIM had good luck with mdma but again purity is a huge issue along with I imagine neuro toxicity with that
  • eggiteggit September 2016
    I've thought about doing this with Salvia. I'm one of those weirdo's that actually likes the stuff, and It puts me in a very positive mood for a few days after a trip. I keep meaning to buy a plant and try making a tea, or just chewing on the leaves. I read some stuff a while back about it being researched for depression.
  • MTSMTS September 2016
    finn, that sounds pretty cool. it kind of reminds me of technopaganism, idk why.

    actii, interesting. swim cant wait to try. swim thinks mdma might b a bad idea - doesnt know if such small doses could accumulate and lead to serotonin syndrome.

    eggit, thats very odd hahaha

  • actiiactii September 2016
    There are some promising halo-amphetamine derivatives, but unless you are a chemist with a hobby it doesn't seem too promising for huge gains, creativity can be priceless though
  • eggiteggit September 2016
    @MTS Salvia is a K-opioid agonist, which should cause a depressed state, but the effects off salvia are very short lived. Many people report feeling happy, and having a "ready take on the world" attitude for days to weeks after a strong trip. The theory is that while it does shut down your k-opioid receptors initially, the body rebounds by overcompensating in the days following creating that euphoria. This has definitely been my experience.

    I've never had what I would describe as a pleasant Salvia trip, most of the time it involves spiraling into darkness and being confronted with all the bad decisions I've made in my life and the dark corners of who I am, but once I am out of it I always feel overwhelmed with this positive feeling and sense of urgency to make change in my life. I've had 2 career positive career changes I can attribute in part to salvia trips.

    It feels very much the opposite of say MDMA, where you feel incredible and invincible while on the effect of the drug, but I am always left feeling disgusting and dirty for days afterward.

    I just don't know if salvia would have the same effect at lower doses, but I have seen some anecdotes of people with good results. It can also be very beneficial for inducing introspection and meditation, allowing you to examine your current problems and flaws, and then hopefully instilling you with the energy and motivation to do something about them afterwards.
  • decaldecal October 2016
    SWIM tried micro-dosing and found that it actually increased anxiety so YMMV..
  • katzevonstichkatzevonstich October 2016
    @Meanderpaul Is it Cafergot or something similar? I take that (caffeine + ergotamine) when I get my twice-a-year cluster headache. I know a few people who take it for migraines and love it. It just barely works on me, but better than nothing.

    I have tried analogues of LSD and related substances before, but got nothing more than annoyingly nauseated during and then cripplingly depressed the next day. I had hoped that would have worked both for anxiety and headaches since there's been some recent promising research on LSD and psilocin.

    However, I did find that a quarter dose of ayahuasca did wonders for my mood and anxiety levels for several days without a hard crash later. Since half of ayahuasca is an MAOI, it's not surprising it would have an antidepressant/anxiolytic effect, but I was surprised how well it worked and for how long.
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul October 2016
    I believe it is called maxalt @katzevonstich
  • eggiteggit October 2016
    On another forum I post on someone mentioned having an anti-depressant feeling in the days after a DXM trip and wanted to try micro dosing it. Another mentioned that DXM and ketamine are both being researched as anti-depressants for their action on the NMDA receptor. A third mentioned similar after glow effects on ketamine.

    DXM, Ketamine, and Salvia are all K-opioid agonists, and now I am really curious if that is the common link.

    I'm going to track down some salvia and give this a shot. I'm curious though whether or not micro dosing will work. They theory is that the salvia agonizesthe k-opiod receptor, and then you experience down-regulation and the positive effects during what is essentially withdraw.

    This seems like an interesting approach to depression treatment, and one for which salvia is particularly well suited. Using the drugs withdraw effects to treat the symptom rather than primary efffect you eliminate a lot of the danger associated with discontinuing usage or building tolerance. Salvia is so fast acting that 10-20 minutes of negative side effects outweigh several days of positive ones.
  • infrar3dinfrar3d October 2016
    I've actually been experimenting with an LSD microdose at school recently. I take 12.5 micrograms every 72 hours and so far I've enjoyed the effects a ton. The first day my tolerance was super low, so I had a bit of a hard time dealing with people, but since then it's been pretty fantastic for energy/focus. 

    Some notes would be that it (of course) interacts with other things you put into your body, so mixing it with weed+alcohol for example can be pretty horrible. I'm not exactly sure about it as a depression or anxiety remedy, but there is definitely a boost in creativity and energy. It doesn't make you smarter or anything, but it can help you become more passionate about the problems you're trying to solve, so it helps me in problem solving in that way. 
  • decaldecal November 2016
    A FOAF just came across two pieces of blotter paper and abruptly flushed them down the toilet.  However, I was wondering if they would have kept them--how small would each square need to be divided up in order for it to be considered a "microdose" ?   
  • glimsglims November 2016
    The way that I dealt with that was to find out the amount on each piece of paper (you should know it when you get it), and then soak it in a a small amount of strong alcohol. LSD is soluble in booze. Then just do your dilution math and take the requisite ml or whatever of your liquid.
  • infrar3dinfrar3d November 2016
    You can also dissolve it in distilled water or orange juice. I've done both and there's no real drop in potency. 

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