• IvoTheSquireIvoTheSquire September 2016

    Looking at their list there's quite a few modafinil-like substances so it seems legit, but anyone can write up a list of nootropics. So anyone here had any dealings with these people?
  • MTSMTS September 2016
    i havent. ill try it out. this week before i move. (ill try to, might hav to wait a week tho)

    i get weird feeling from their site though. it feels like a facade thats a front for a fake company or something. lol

    idk ill try though, and see what i get
  • WyldstormWyldstorm September 2016
    Sceptical but curious. 
    It its reasonably well/consistently made im gonna order...

    So.. Updates are requested! O_O
  • JohnDoeJohnDoe September 2016
    I would say try it then if it works somewhat well mix your own to a dosage more suited to your size, I question the effectiveness of anything that would come pre packaged like that....
  • WyldstormWyldstorm September 2016
    I ordered some, will tell what i think (pun intended) on them.
  • glimsglims September 2016
    Take the site with a grain of salt. Almost every site made in the last year has that look. That's a design problem, not a legitimacy problem.
  • MTSMTS September 2016
    design prob or a legitimacy prob hmm, i guess we wont know unless someone orders mate.

    also they should hit up sidebar.io for much needed design tips....bc.....well bc no bueno
  • MTSMTS September 2016
    im moving so ill prob wait to order right after i get settled in in a cpl weeks.
  • WyldstormWyldstorm October 2016
    Tried it yesterday, not even close to impressed.
    No effects besides higher blood pressure and very slight headache. 
    That, and the painful experience of swallowing those HUGE pills.
  • WyldstormWyldstorm October 2016
    Retried, definitively not impressed. 
    No decent effect noticeable.

    Hour 1: Facking hell those pills are HUGE! :( Throat hurts..
    Hour 2:first hours, no real change apart from elevated blood pressure.
    Hour 3: Slight headache. possible swelling in the mouth. A bit more tired..
    Hour 5: Maaaaaybe a slight increase in energy? Tested memory, processing speed and alertness.. No change.
    Hour 9+: A likely slight boost to feeling awake (cant find an english word) -But not anything else positive. (just couldnt sleep as i usually do, just felt mentally/physically tired but not sleepy.

    I dont recommend these. Not at that price, and not at that crappy effect.
  • IvoTheSquireIvoTheSquire October 2016
    Balls. That really sucks. Thanks for the effort (and money!). Looks like I'll wait for a bit then...
  • WyldstormWyldstorm January 31
    Hrm... Pardon the thread necromancy. 
    I retried the ones left, after alot ALOT of sleep (very unusual for me) and they actually seemed to have a good effect.. A +10% bonus to feeling more awake and concentration, i'd guess.

    I might have been wrong about this one.