What are these "research" chemicals?
  • JohnDoeJohnDoe August 2016

    Yea look at that and look at how shady that shit is.... That said anything know more about them? Mainly what the hell there used for? My guess is there some sort of bath salt.... But posting in case I am wrong I have seen far worse this who knows maybe someone here will have use for these.... I have a account else ware I will be asking around about these and see about getting other answers....

    John Doe
  • glimsglims August 2016
  • JohnDoeJohnDoe August 2016
    Figured as much.... Might I say I am mildly disappointed from what little I know about nootropics they tend to be mixed with a stimulant, guess these are a bit much....
  • CassoxCassox August 2016
    Oh shit. No ingredient list? Hahahahaha
  • JohnDoeJohnDoe August 2016
    Yea I gather these are semi legal more often than not....
  • lordfenglordfeng August 2016
    How dare they compromise my trust in a .guru site...
  • JohnDoeJohnDoe August 2016
    That guru site had nothing but my highest confidence!! But yeah I have gotten the reaction I pretty much expected....
  • TheDiabeticGMTheDiabeticGM September 2016
    This is one of my areas of expertise JohnDoe.  What you have stumbled upon is part of the Grey Market; one of the infinite sites that can be found on the regular old internet which will sell people chemicals which have not yet been illegalized , usually, for the purpose of intoxication.  
    They will state that their products are not for human consumption and they fall into three categories typically:  Sites that are professional and attempt to operate as regular online chemical dealers selling things with the actual chemical names, tons of info, and MSDS's.  Then there are sites that are basically online headshops which sell herbs and plant materials, stuff like Kava, Blue Lotus, and Kratom. Some of these also happen to sell "chemicals". The last group is what you stumbled across and these are the sites which operate somewhere between the first two.  These are the shady places, the ones that look like shit, and try to come off as cool and hip. 
     Like the one you found, whatever chemicals they sell will usually be given some crazy name and be sold as potpourri while offering nothing in the way of actual facts and known data about said product.  There is usually no way to figure out what they are attempting to hock and you are taking a gamble if you would attempt to ingest anything purchased from such institutions.  The first two types of sites can be all right, and many of them are actually quite reputable and helpful.  But please, for your own safety, don't purchase anything from any website selling stuff in the same manner as the one that you posted a link to.
  • JohnDoeJohnDoe September 2016
    If I may ask what is a more reputable one? Thanks for the info!!
  • TheDiabeticGMTheDiabeticGM September 2016
    It is known:  The first rule of Fight Club is We Do Not Talk About Fight Club.  :p

    Seriously, tho that is the general policy when it comes to things like this.  I can provide you with some helpful advice however, so give me a PM if you like.  : )
  • JohnDoeJohnDoe September 2016
    Been there done that, that said in your inbox the vine is a fun rabbit hole to go down....