Duo Skin from MIT - Conductive Temp Tattoos
  • Dr_AllcomeDr_Allcome August 2016
    I know the topics of conductive tattoos has been discussed on and off before but MITs DuoSkin might be bringing a lot of people a little closer to the idea of getting implants.


    How long until trendy dance clubs or conventions give these out as entrance passes?

    (the video is pretty cool)  

  • CathasachCathasach January 14
    This is super cool. I just found the paper looking for some wearable related stuff.

    LINK [pdf]

    I'm surprised because all of the articles I read made this sound like it wasn't something you could get access to, like it was all theoretical, but this is extremely cheap and easy if you have access to a printer. I'm not sure whether the "electronic cutter" is necessary or just makes it easier, but without that you can do this for under $40.
  • CathasachCathasach January 14
    This seems like there are definite possibilities for interacting with various implans via skin input devices.
  • BCTBCT February 20
    That would be fun to mess around with, especially having it connect to my phone for long drives!