Magnets for the blind?
  • rolalrolal August 2016
    i was thinking about practical uses for the 'sense' that the magnet implants provide, and i was wondering if any of you are or know of blind people who have these magnets installed? if so has it significantly improved your/their ability to do day-to-day tasks and such?
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul August 2016
    The bottle nose is a device disingenuous with that intent, among others, to help the blind "ecolocate" using a magnet or other haptic feed back.

    So in a way yes it is involved. I'm not aware of any blind person having a magnet yet.
  • ightdenightden August 2016
    it's not some magic thing, a magnet in your finger.  it's not a sense that's constantly feeding you data like vision or sound.  waving my hand around I feel nothing at the moment, no different than my non-augmented hand.

    but but paired with a device such as the Bottlenose, then yes you could potentially help a blind person navigate.
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul August 2016
    I just realized auto correct changed my wording I meant to say designed instead of disingenuous.