Location for second NFC tag
  • Hey all, joined so I could ask this...

    I am looking to get a second NFC tag, either an xNT or the new flexible one that DT has in beta. This second tag would be for more "private" data that would not be accessed day to day (think Bitcoin cold storage private key, PKI private keys, etc) and I would like it to be a rather deliberate act to access it. It can be at home, have to undress, etc.

    I noticed that TrybalWolf has one in his back (not a bad idea, really), the VeriChip location was somewhere on the upper arm, someone had mentioned their thigh. I have a military "meat tag" tattoo on my left rib cage that I considered putting a new flexible chip under that.

    If you had to pick a location that was not going to be used that often, where would you go?
  • The most in accessable spot i could think of that no one should get to is armpit.
  • UmutofUmutof July 2016
    yes armpit would definitely be one of the most secure locations. but it might be hard to get a read. maybe if you lower it down a bit so your arm still covers it most of the time(making it harder to be read when you don't want it to be) but is still easily accessible when you want.
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens July 2016
    Right in the dick.

    Can i say dick on this forum?

    Either your standard tag for "her" pleasure, or a flex tag.