Possible way to use magnets for mounting stuff on skin.
  • AerisAeris July 2016
    As you probably all know, pinching skin between two magnets is a pretty bad idea.

    I think it would be possible to use special magnets called polymagnets to fix that problem: They both repel AND attract depending on the distance. 
    Here's a demo I found:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiAt-x8i90Y

    My idea is that, using a few magnets on each side of, lets say an arm for example, it would be possible to get the magnets to levitate an outer shell in place slightly above the arm. That way, there would be no pinching.

    Of course, that still leaves the issue of bioproofing them... Also, I'm not too sure how the force generated would impact their position, perhaps they would try to move away.
  • autumnautumn July 2016
    It's an interesting idea. This video has a much more comprehensive description of what's actually going on: https://youtu.be/IANBoybVApQ

    I'd be interested to see if they're able to print the same complex arrangements on a much smaller scale and how they would function. I'm also curious to know if the spring arrangement is only possible with a latch configuration, as that would limit the implant mounting potential.
  • lolsmcfeelolsmcfee July 2016
    i really like this idea for mounting stuff, the first idea that came to mind was cosplay with like levitating pieces of a costume and another being for utility 
  • ThomasEgiThomasEgi July 2016
    they are still magnets trying to reach minimal potential energy. They only appear to repel because they are restricted in 4 out of 6 degrees of freedom. Without that your chances of getting a passive system of freely levitating magnets (even polymagnet) are pretty slim.
  • autumnautumn July 2016
    That's a good point @ThomasEgi. I'd somehow failed to fully grok the importance of the center pin.
  • AerisAeris July 2016
    You're right about that @ThomasEgi, most likely they would slide off.

    One possible way I can think of would be to place magnets in various orientations around the body part, that way hopefully, they would constraint each other. Perhaps I'm wrong though, just throwing out ideas.