Faulty xNT or just weirdly placed and too quick to write?
  • NLmaxNLmax July 2016
    Hey all!

    Just got my second xNT injected and now i'm trying to write on it with the NFC Tools Pro app.

    But when I try to write something on there, it says " write error " , what did I do wrong? lol

    I did try to set a password on it before, but it failed aswell, did I brick it? :(

    Help please?
  • BenbeezyBenbeezy July 2016
    phones just suck at doing things with tags under the skin reliably. It's probably just slightly to deep. over time it might move up a little bit
  • NLmaxNLmax July 2016
    You were right! It toon a few days but i can read/write it alot better now. Just got a little scared as someone placed it as his first, hoping he didn't put it too deep.

    So I'm very glad that was the situation :)