In search of: tattoo artist and implanter near Ohio
  • Hello everyone. I'm new here. I've been interested in biohacking for awhile not and just found this site, so thank you for welcoming me in. Anyway, I'm looking for someone who can do a small tattoo an implant under that. Obviously someone with experience in both would be awesome
  • ZerbulaZerbula June 2016
    Sorry for the lack of being useful, but welcome in. :D

    And out of curiosity, what are you having tattoo'd and implanted? And just to fault shoot, please don't have both done at the exact same time; Would suggest the tattoo first, let it do its recovery, then the implant. There's no need to make a surgery or implantation more complex, no matter how benign. :s

    Best of luck, and if you have any other questions about anything, throw them out there. ^^
  • aviinaviin June 2016
    @SurvivorSVN, unfortunately the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code prevent implanters from openly peddling the service.

    As near as I've been able to ferret out of the rules in those, nothing using a scalpel would be allowed since it would get classified as a medical procedure, so any implant would be limited to a needle-based procedure.  Using a scalpel on another person, unless for medical purposes, seems to be considered assault under the laws here.

    Nothing can be inserted into a fresh piercing that isn't made of solid titanium, steel, niobium, platinum, or gold, so that rules out basically all implants unless you want an inert solid chunk of metal.

    None of the laws seem to prevent anyone from implanting themselves, but I again admit I'm not actually certain.  And I'm sure there are piercers out there who would be willing to do an implant for you regardless of the law, though I'm not personally aware of any.

    Perhaps there exist some loopholes, and I'll admit I'm no law expert, but it seems to me implants just aren't allowed under the law here.  Not because the laws were crafted such as they are to prevent implants, but rather because the laws coincidentally prevent it from being done by third parties.
  • Thanks fir the welcoming Zerbula, and no worries. I honestly didn't think it would be that easy. As for my exact idea, I'm keeping it close to the vest right now until I work out some more details and am closer to (hopefully) get it done. But I understand what you mean about not doing them back to back, but can I get the implant first and then a tat over that? Seems like that would be harder than the other way around, my biggest concern is that the two jive as I'm hoping. Aviin, thank you for all that info. As far as the laws go, I'm willing to do a little travel if need be (more so to find someone who can do it than dodge laws)
  • ZerbulaZerbula June 2016
    @SurvivourSVN, the reason i'd personally suggest doing the more benign one first is a situation of 'what if x procedure damages y'. if worst comes to worst, something goes allergic with the tattoo, something gets infected, something messes up... Well depending on which aesthetic/functionality your focused on. what the implant is... Don't quote me quote for quote, but a tattoo gun is repeatedly stabbing dermal layers. a slip that lets a needle get a little too deep could compromise a weaker coating or shift things unideally, no? Could is the word here...

    Also, if one thing or another is going to be damaged and have failure,.. Call me iffy on having an implant failing over a tattoo being damaged... that's a real choice, either being bad. but the implant is much more risky, being internal. D: 

    This is my two cents and what I would personally pick knowing what I know, but I could be wrong. Anyone who has experience with both procedures is more qualified to chime in here, but this is my best assumption, doing no research.

    May I ask what your planning on having implanted, and what tattoo your getting, both out of sheer curiosity, and an interest in knowing exactly what the circumstances are. As well as where, this would help. ^^

    @Aviin Ohio... >~>
  • I didn't actually think getting a tattoo on top of an implant would be a good idea. What I'm wanting to do is get an a tattoo of a firefly and use a firefly tattoo implant to actually light it up. My biggest concern as far as them playing nice together is positioning of the implant and size of the tattoo so that it looks nice and (hopefully) realistic. I do need to do some more reading on the implant and it'll come down to planning and finding competent people to each do their half. So a tattoo artist should be easy enough, now I just need to find someone who has experience with the injection type implants.
  • tekniklrtekniklr June 2016
    I think there has been a bit of issue with the firefly implants migrating slightly, though a future version might have a parylene coating to mitigate that. You might want to wait a bit and see if some solution to the migration problem presents itself before going for a really precise placement like that. 

    On the bright side, a tattoo would need about six weeks to heal before you want to start poking at it, so you have some time :)

    Of course, with a needle that large I wonder if it would still mess up the tattoo a bit.
  • aviinaviin June 2016
    As @tekniklr said, the gen1 fireflies can migrate.  Mine can move around quite alot, sliding from anywhere in the middle of the back of my left hand all the way up to sit between the knuckles of my middle and ring fingers.  The back of the hand seems to be especially prone to this type of thing, though, as no other implant I have moves like that.
  • Wow, I read that they migrated but I had no idea it was that severe. It's looking like my exact plan will have to go on hold, as I'm not willing to commit to getting such a visible tattoo (would get it on my hand) without the implant to give that something extra. I'm thinking I'll just get the implant anyway though as they're pretty awesome even by themselves.