Magnet Status
  • @ChrisBot have you implanted your tester magnet yet?  Just curious.  

    @AlexSmith are there any updates this month?
  • ChrisBotChrisBot March 16
    @PostHumanist, no I havent. I removed my previous magnet a few weeks ago so I am waiting for my ring finger to heal. I have also be focusing on the recover from my botched FlexNT install. Hopefully within the next month or so I will.
  • I was talking with some of my fellow electricians, yesterday, about biomagnets.  They were pretty enthused about the idea, like myself.  The ability to sense an electromagnet caused by a live AC circuit is a game changer. 

    If this, miraculously, catches on in the industry, it will save a lot of lives.

    Electrocution only causes about 5% of deaths in the workplace, but that's 5% that can be avoided with this procedure.  

    Now, if we could only invent a biohack to keep us from falling off of ladders...
  • rpykarpyka March 21
    Hey all, I should probably post an update.

    I was one of the testers who got a magnet from Alex. After I received it I gave it a quick visual visual inspection, I went ahead and got it implanted in my right pinky on October 9th. The incision didn't really heal well and over the next couple weeks the skin was dry and the implant didn't look happy. Best guess was that it settled too close to the incision and just got pushed out since I used a small magnet to check placement and orientation and it was right under the incision, resting perpendicular to the skin. Also it was pretty visible through the skin towards the end (and itched a lot, which sucked). On October 31, with a little encouragement from a bigger magnet, it came right out.

    Since it seemed to be rejection from placement rather than rejection from coating, I looked it over for any scratches or issues and found none, and it held up fine in a saline bath for a couple days, I decided to re-implant it. I re-implanted it, this time in my left pinky, on November 13 and we were sure to make the pocket deep enough and use magnets to help guide the implant fully into the pocket to avoid another rejection. This time the incision healed quickly and I had no issues there. Within a few weeks the site around the magnet was a bit swollen and tender, but I didn't think too much of it and it seemed to be getting better. The swelling went down a little but never fully went away, and then around January I noticed a dark spot appearing in the swollen area. In February not much had changed, still the little bump with tiny dark spot so I figured I should take it out. And finally a couple weeks ago (March 9th) I took the magnet out. The coating had failed on one of the edges, and there was a clump of corroded magnet stuff poking out that matched up with the dark spot I'd been seeing. So yeah, probably not the result everyone hoped for, but we still got some useful information out of the trial.

    TL;DR: Test magnet had a coating failure.
  • ChrisBotChrisBot March 23
    @rpyka, are you sure that the coating wasn't scratched while you were taking it out? 
  • rpykarpyka March 23
    I'm positive. My phone doesn't like to take good pictures of something as small as the magnet, but this is from a picture right after I removed it. This is exactly how it came out. The dark spot was on the far side of the incision, and on the edge of the magnet towards the tip of the place you can see the large section that's bad. Definitely not a scratch from the removal. Pic:

  • ChrisBotChrisBot March 23
    I am convinced! I still have my test mag as well and I hope to do the implant within the next few weeks,
  • rpykarpyka March 23
    I took a look at it again today, and there was originally a very shallow pit on the magnet which I didn't think too much of since it was so shallow and was also covered by the coating. But since I can't find that pit now, it looks like it failed in that area. Here's a better pic of the magnet:
  • ChrisBotChrisBot March 23
    @rpyka, oh my goodness, that is a gnarly picture

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