Magnet Status
  • PostHumanistPostHumanist October 2016
    I'm getting anxious for magnetic fingers.  I've had at least a dozen or more situations where this mod would have come in handy (no pun intended).

    Thanks for the hard work on getting them tested and I look forward to installation.
  • AmosKamalAmosKamal October 2016
    Definitely interested in getting a magnet, so if you could add me to your list id deeply appreciate it. Out of curiosity, how are others getting their magnets? i've heard some say they've gotten it from other users and some say they've even gotten it from Ebay. Should i wait till the manufacturing problems are fixed or are there alternatives that are still safe?
  • BenbeezyBenbeezy October 2016

    @AmosKamal you can get parylene coated magnets, but no matter where you get magnets make sure to do a lot of testing on it before putting it in.
  • AmosKamalAmosKamal October 2016
    Alright that's good to know. I planned on doing tests on them, but is there any place generally considered a no-no or is it all good as long a son tests show good results?
  • CyPherCyPher October 2016
    @alexsmith Can I please also be added to the List?
  • TorrentXTorrentX October 2016

    I'm going to need a couple more eventually. Please keep me updated.  Thanks!
  • AmosKamalAmosKamal October 2016
    @alexsmith I know that the test magnets have been sent out, and more than likely implanted, but what are test details? How long do they need to be in the testers for them to be considered safe?
  • yehsifyehsif October 2016
    @alexsmith could you also add me to the list? Thanks :)
  • PostHumanistPostHumanist November 2016
    @alexsmith, hows the prognosis looking so far?  Any updates on the test subjects?
  • ChrisBotChrisBot November 2016
    I have not yet had a chance to implant mine...I've been waiting on some chlorhexidine. Hopefully within the next week or two I will get to it. 
  • PostHumanistPostHumanist November 2016
    @ChrisBot yeah I'm stoked to get mine.  I've already got the scalpels, chlorhex, lidocain, sutures, etc.   
  • ChrisBotChrisBot November 2016
    I am really debating the location and the implant method. I was thinking about trying to inject it again, but that is an awfully big needle to be using one your pinkie X_X
  • TheGreatCoreicTheGreatCoreic November 2016
    If there's a list I can get on for the m31's, definitely sign me up for a couple.
  • JardiJardi November 2016
    First time poster here! Finally decided to make an account!
    I'd like to be added to the m31 list as well, please! It'd be awesome to have one of these guys in!
  • infrar3dinfrar3d November 2016
    I'd also love to be on the list for these, thanks! 
  • Lolwut8999Lolwut8999 November 2016
    List me please.
  • maximeroger4maximeroger4 November 2016
    @alexsmith could you please add me to the list as well ?
  • njmbb8njmbb8 November 2016
    I would also be very interested in getting on a list
  • ShaskoShasko November 2016
    Please add me to the list.
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul November 2016
    Do you have a count @alexsmith I'm curious what the number of people is.
  • olearyoleary November 2016
    I'd love a couple of m31s, please add me to your list.
  • Mr_NightMr_Night November 2016
    Ive just got my first mod october 20th (2016 for anyone looking at this at a alter date) A magnet that i was admittedly going to put in the finger tip but after discussion with the profesional doing it, he recomended the meat of the hand where theres sufficent soft tissue to prevent it from shattering from impacts that would cause one in the fingertip to break. Im very happy with the implant and am able to feel moderatly strong fields already. (For anyone reading this who does not have one a microwave @ about 30 cm provides enough sensation its unmistakable but still faint)

    Is this list just a list of members with magnets? if so can i be added? If not my appoligies for misunderstanding.

  • CyPherCyPher November 2016
    Thanks for sharing your story! This board is more about updates of a batch of magnets ordered by a member and tested for quality, etc.
    I would be quite interested to know where you got your magnet from and which security measures you took.
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul November 2016
    Please make a new post @mr_night about your magnet instead of using this one.

  • Mr_NightMr_Night November 2016
    oh im sorry. okay will do (in a bit when i get a chance)

  • whyruswhyrus December 2016
    @AlexSmith could you please add me to the list?
  • MededeMedede December 2016
    It would be great if I could be added to the list. I'm really interested in getting one of these magnets
  • TheDiabeticGMTheDiabeticGM December 2016
    I gotta agree with Meanderpaul @alexsmith   Do you have more people waiting for magnets then you have actual magnets yet?  Because it seems like you get several new requests per day and this thread has been going on for awhile.
  • consolemanconsoleman December 2016
    I know I'm pretty late to the party, but I'd love to get on this list too.

    I've been toying with the idea of an implant for some years now and have finally decided to go ahead and do it.
  • PlamZPlamZ December 2016
    I've been lurking for 6 months and waiting. I really hope we can get there soon. As an Electrical engineering student, I think these will only help to fuel my desire to learn about this field.
  • BlablabliamBlablabliam December 2016
    The electric field, or the magnetic field :P
  • ZerbulaZerbula December 2016
    The Electromagnetic field... :3
  • PostHumanistPostHumanist December 2016
    .: Dear Santa :.

    All I want for Christmas is to slice open my hands and put magnets in my body.

    Amen and cheers,

  • JoshJosh December 2016
    Amen bro. Amen
  • LoperingtonLoperington December 2016
    I know there's a lot but add me to the list please.
  • MTSMTS December 2016
    amen :(
  • tadejgasparovictadejgasparovic December 2016
    @AlexSmith as far as I can tell the test magnets have been sent out a couple of months ago. Any information from the testers yet?

    EDIT: Also, would there be lidocaine (or some other anesthetic) included in the "full" bundle (with the magnet, scalpel, etc.)? Because honestly I don't really want to feel (much) of the pain. Call me a pussy, but at the end you're still cutting into your finger with a sharp blade. ;)
  • Hey @AlexSmith if it's not to late can you add me to your list? Thanks!
  • Rocco8620Rocco8620 January 13
    Any news about the magnets?
  • RizommaRizomma January 13
    Howdy @AlexSmith could i be added onto the list? I'm really interested into biohackin and hella down to experiment
  • ramentamerramentamer January 17
    Hello @AlexSmith I, too, would like to be added to the list if it's not too late.  I already got a piercer lined up and everything.

    The piercer already has some weaker magnets on order, but after reading through the forums here and the DangerousThings page, I'm just gonna wait until your magnets are ready.  I trust you more after reading through your efforts to make the best magnets available.
  • sunscreensunscreen January 20
    I've been looking for/waiting for a magnet for years! Please add me to this "list" I keep hearing about please.
  • BirdhandzBirdhandz January 24
    No activity from @AlexSmith  since November and I haven't seen any feedback from the testers.  Sounds to me like there either was a problem or the waiting list is too long already.

    Any news yet?
  • ChrisBotChrisBot January 24
    I received my tester magnet but I just haven't been able to find a suitable time to implant it. Busy time of year and I really don't want to have to worry about another implant right now...
  • ramentamerramentamer January 30
    That makes sense.  And I imagine the testing, once it gets in your hands, will take a while, too.  I'm just excited because I work as an electrician and being able to feel the electromagnet caused by the alternating current could keep me from cutting a live wire.  Also, patience is not one of my stronger virtues.  But, I'm determined to wait for quality magnets rather than try and get lucky ordering one from someone else.

    Good luck to all the testers!  I hope to hear good news, soon.
  • olearyoleary January 31
    I tried to enquire about some paralene coated ones from vp-scientific, but they haven't even responded. They make you buy like 100 so I figured I'd separately saline test a heap then implant two, but its probably still a bad idea. Just impatient. - what should I say they are for?
  • 11thOtter11thOtter February 2
    Please add me to the list too @AlexSmith
  • VoidflakesVoidflakes February 5
    Hey guys!

    I've not been around in a pretty long time due to work and all that general 'real life' stuff going on :) Just dropped in for a quick check and I found this post up top, which is great as it's all about what I wanted to know! Except..... No release date :p

    Now the thing is, well over 2 years ago I bought an M31 (two, actually) from DangerousThings - as a few of you might remember, I was sadly the first person to report a rejection. Glims and Amal suggested I send it back to them for testing, and at my request, agreed to send out a replacement M31 rather than refunding the cash. The reason being that I wanted to pre-order the larger M36 that same week, as they were "almost complete". Sadly however, the U.S. decided that this was the EXACT time to block sales of products such as these magnets, on the same bloody week I sent mine back for a replacement!!! DangerousThings never replied to my e-mails asking when they'd next be available.

    So my question is, as I've been waiting since early 2015, will there be any chance of receiving my order this year? I'm not bothered if I have to wait, just as long as I *know*. I did spend £200 on a couple of tiny little magnets, after all :p
  • finuxadminfinuxadmin February 24
    You've got another customer here, @AlexSmith
    This sounds awesome and I love learning about this plating process. You guys really collect a lot of data!
  • Its been a little while, anyone have any updates?

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