Magnet Status
  • JoshJosh August 2016
    I'm more than willing to participate for the in vivo testing!  It's awesome to see the return of the m31 :D
  • JohnDoeJohnDoe August 2016
    @alexsmith thanks for the update on M36's
  • Xavier666Xavier666 August 2016
    Hey, I was wondering if I could be added to the list as well.
  • NLmaxNLmax August 2016
    Happy to test one with injector methode!;)
  • rpykarpyka August 2016
    Happy to be a tester for the new ones, and will already be ordering something else from you soon.
  • lolsmcfeelolsmcfee August 2016
    Alex how was the sensitivity to magnetic fields with the magnet in your arm. i dont think iv seen anyone place it there 
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul August 2016
    I don't believe it was for sensitivity but rather just to test the coating.
  • ChilliEyeChilliEye August 2016
    Same, I'd help lol.


    I've got successful implant, and I've had rejected attempts. So I know the signs.
  • ChrisBotChrisBot August 2016
    I just did my first magnet injection and would really like to try to refine the design for the 3D printed injector. Sign me up for testing and/or put me on the waiting list. Also, i will update the first post once I am on my desktop.
  • masterjaspermasterjasper September 2016
    I'm a little late, but I would also gladly participate in in vivo testing.
  • hardrockhippiehardrockhippie September 2016
    @alexsmith , could you maybe put me on the list too?
    if thats still a thing?
  • TheDiabeticGMTheDiabeticGM September 2016
    @alexsmith I am curious, how many folks are on the list now?  Will you end up needing to put a limit on how many a single account can order at a time?
  • yegdiltoilleyegdiltoille September 2016
    Ive been waiting for this for so long! If there's room on this list id love to be put on it too
  • AlexSmithAlexSmith September 2016
    @hardrockhippieyegdiltoille   added to the notification list.

    I've send out some magnets for people to test in-vivo. I've chosen people I know have more past experience with implants.
  • MTSMTS September 2016
    cant wait for this. hoping it goes good
  • mrPixelsmrPixels September 2016
    I must Add, I'd love to be added to the list I had some second hand m31 magnets two years back, but two of them rejected and I decided not to risk it with the last 2.
  • AlexSmithAlexSmith September 2016
    @MTS  thanks

    @mrPixels  added.

  • misslittymisslitty September 2016
    Would love to be added to the notification list if possible!
  • MTSMTS September 2016
    pls add me to the list Alex
  • TatankaTatanka September 2016
    Hey Alex, I would appreciate being added to the list. Thank you.
  • 3DP_me3DP_me September 2016
    Hello Alex, I would love to be added to the list, also I have some experience in the use of pure titanium powders for medical device creation. I would love to help apply that to these magnets.
  • kirbygloverkirbyglover September 2016
    @alexsmith if there is still room on this lovely list of yours I would like to be added to it, though if not I will can definitely wait until the consumer version comes online
  • cchrispcchrisp September 2016
    Add me as well if there's still room please! I am also willing to be a test subject if you are conducting another set of trials. Thanks.
  • Chase561Chase561 September 2016
    I'd also like to be on the waiting list if you have room. Thank you for doing this.
  • IAmGrootIAmGroot September 2016
    @alexsmith please add me to the list if there's space for one more. 
  • ToasterToaster October 2016
    any new info on the magnets?
  • AvioAvio October 2016
    I believe they're doing in vivo testing with a few people other than just AlexSmith. I wonder when we can start hearing about how those particular trials are going?
  • ChrisBotChrisBot October 2016
    @Avio, they are still being shipped right now
  • AlexSmithAlexSmith October 2016
    @ChrisBot some people have already got their's, but last I heard they were still waiting on their piercer to get it implanted. Some are still waiting for their's to arrive.

    @misslitty, MTSTatanka3DP_mekirbyglovercchrispChase561IAmGroot   Added to the notification list.

    While waiting for test results from the group implanting these ones, I have also talked to the manufacturer about how to increase the quality so that less fail the chemical test's I did. They have agreed to trying making a batch with a double layer of TiN coating.
  • JoshJosh October 2016
    Thanks for the update :D @alexsmith
  • passwdpasswd October 2016
    @AlexSmith if you will need of more guinea pigs, you'd count on me, if being in Europe isn't a problem
  • BlablabliamBlablabliam October 2016
    @AlexSmith I would like to be on the list. If you need another tester let me know, although it looks like you have more than enough lmao.
  • ShadyLogicShadyLogic October 2016
    @AlexSmith I'd like to be added to the list please. Thank you, I really appreciate having this community for news and support.
  • PlantfreakPlantfreak October 2016
    Dreaming of an magnet implant for years now, but I didn't realize how close we actually were to making bio safe magnets. Sign me up for guinea pig and let me know when I can buy one of these bad boys.
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul October 2016
    @plantfreak they have technically been out for a while just there was manufacturer issues for a small period.
  • abhik_chowderabhik_chowder October 2016
    @alexsmith Is there still room on that waiting list? 
  • LiteralLiteral October 2016
    So may I ask to be put on this list as well I'm curious to try one out and see how it effects some of the stuff I do I run heavy equipment mostly but I do some electric work and I heard you can feel for current with them
  • BuenoBueno October 2016
    Thanks for your hard work! Please add me to the list as well.
  • PlantfreakPlantfreak October 2016
    @meanderpaul Yeah, apparently I missed the original release of the m31's by just a few months. However I am glad that they are making a higher quality comeback. And I certainly won't be attempting parylene coated magnets again. I can't wait.
  • passwdpasswd October 2016
    @Plantfreak, may I ask you what happened? I still have 3 parylene coated magnets on my shelf but I think I'll avoid to use them
  • PlantfreakPlantfreak October 2016
    @passwd, it was mainly just a test of my willpower to open up my finger and get a feel for the sensations once it was in there. I checked the coating for any flaws with a good microscope and also by putting it in a acidic solution for several days and checking for any signs of reaction to the inner magnetic material. However, the wound never really healed after 2 weeks and it was temporary anyway. So I pulled it out.
  • katzevonstichkatzevonstich October 2016
    I've been gone due to massive life distractions, but I'm still willing to be a test subject too.
  • kirbygloverkirbyglover October 2016
    @AlexSmith thanks for the update and the add! Really looking forward to these :D
  • BoboTheEpicBoboTheEpic October 2016
    @AlexSmith I too would like to be added to the list. Looks like you're going to have a hell of a job unless you plan to automate the notifications.
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul October 2016
    out of curiosity how big of a list do you have @alexsmith?
  • cchrispcchrisp October 2016
    @alexsmith You mentioned you can ship the magnets anywhere. How do you get them past customs in countries where they're restricted?
  • dmrosedmrose October 2016
    @alexsmith Please add me to the list! Thanks
  • ThermalWinterThermalWinter October 2016
    Please add me to the list. Any estimates on when this will be released?
  • Chase561Chase561 October 2016
    I'm not sure if it matters that my name is on the list but I am no longer in need of one of these magnets, so you can remove me if it's trouble. My implant is healing nicely despite the ridiculous way I put it in :D
  • loudaslifeloudaslife October 2016
    @alexsmith I'm new to this forum, but I've been wanting a magnet for months now, since before DangerousThings stopped selling them even. Please add me to the hype train notification list.

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