How to find someone to help me for a magnet implant.
  • r4bb1hr4bb1h June 2016
    Hi there,

    I am kinda new here. While knowing about magnet implant from few days, it made me interest to implant an m31. I am currently waiting for m31 to come in dangerousthings or . As soon as they are available, I'll be grabbing one. In the mean time I am currently learning DIY process of this implant. 

    I live in Bangladesh. There are very limited resource regarding this stuffs in here. I have never heard or seen anyone doing this. The piercers here don't actually knows about these implants. But doing it in DIY method won't be good for me. Because I usually mess things up when it's complex. But I believe I can make a piercer understand about the process and do it for me. 

    So, my question is basically How can I approach a piercer and make him understand the process of this implant?