Theoretical Nootropic Stack for ALS?
  • jjmacjjmac May 2016
    Hello all,

    I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a theoretical stack for ALS patients.

    Obviously a doctor's orders are required in these matters (and nothing but a doctor's orders), but theoretically, considering the neuroregenerative, neuroprotective, axonal regenerative (etc.) chems out there, a supplement stack seems possible, does it not? 

    Just looking for your brilliant thoughts. Thank you.
  • so from what i understand of ALS, the causes of nerve cell death include these:
    • Oxidative damage
    • Mitochondrial dysfunction
    • Caspase-mediated cell death (apoptosis)
    • Defects in axonal transport
    • Abnormal growth factor expression
    • Glial cell pathology
    • Glutamate excitotoxicity
    • Aggregation of abnormal proteins
    I'm not sure how to treat many of these, except the first one.

    to protect against oxidative agenets, you will need antioxidants. 
    I wrote a paper a while discussing Ozone, one article i stumbled upon discussed the use of Ozone therapy in preventing doxorubicin induced hepatotoxicity. 

    I know thats alot of big words, and I'm tired, SO I'll give you a breif summary of what it is a and why i think it may help.

    Osone is found in the upper atmosphere and helps prevent against global warming and all that. but inhaling ozone (O3) is dangerous as it irritates your airway and can lead to pulmonary edema and heart failure, so inhaling it is not a option. also to work with Ozone you'll need stainless equipment as it degrades plastics as well. 

    the way this study was done is that gave Ozone through whats called major autohemotherapy  basically, they took blood out of a person, and passed a mixture of Ozone and regular oxygen through the blood (about 97% oxygen with less then 3% ozone) this activated the bodies antioxidant systems even though the oxidative agent wasn't there.

    idk what resources you have but this may be something you'll want to consider bringing to your Dr.s attention. they may be able to help get a clinical trial going. 

    heres a link to the study i used in my research paper
    if you need the log on information for the website, PM me I'll give it to you. 

  • also, i watched a movie called lorenzo's oil once a while back, i know the the oil prevents myelin sheath degradation in nerve cells, you may want to look into that. 
  • jjmacjjmac May 2016
    Thank you very much for your time and that comprehensive answer! 

    If there is any way to get a clinical trial going, I will definitely pursue it (as well as checking out Lorenzo's Oil).
  • you may also want to look into getting more antioxidant foods into your system as well. i mean ALOT of it. like diet changes. also i heard that core exercises (like working your abs, chest, and back muscles) help to reduce the sypmtoms of parkinsons disease, just a thought. I'm sorry to hear that you've been diagnosed with this, and i wish you the best of luck in life. I'll be saying a prayer for you from now on. 
  • jjmacjjmac May 2016
    Thank you very much Jordygordy. I will take all of this into serious consideration.

    Your suggestions and prayers mean the world. :)