More Positive Press Coverage
  • McSTUFFMcSTUFF May 2016
    News in my area covered my friend, and our local group.
    [YouTube Link]

    The news blurb did a very light touch on what was possible but it had a very positive spin for us.
  • ZerbulaZerbula May 2016
    Yay :3
  • glimsglims May 2016
    Thats pretty solid and positive new coverage for a local station. Nice!
  • ShankTShankT May 2016
    Further coverage-- A talk radio host saw the story and asked for me to come in-studio to do a live interview this afternoon.

    I did this with the same guy last year-- same topic. To say he's in favor of NFC implants is an understatement, so I expect this interview to be just as positive as the local news spot.

    I'm scheduled at 4:30 pm CST today. The channel is 830 AM.
  • Dragon5Dragon5 June 2016
    @McSTUFF hold up.... did i just hear them say ROSEVILLE ??? 
    are you in roseville man?
  • McSTUFFMcSTUFF June 2016
    @Dragon5, we meet in Roseville, MN every other week.
    Come and hang out with us this Saturday if you can make it.
  • Dragon5Dragon5 June 2016
     ... i live in roseville california ... a rel="nofollow" href="http://