USA>CA>Bay Area - Sat May 7 1pm Meetup: Electronics Boogaloo
  • cyberlasscyberlass April 2016
    @Helyx and I want to gather up all the SF/Bay area grinders for an electronics meetup. Come solder and make lights blink etc. Beginners highly encouraged to attend and experts highly encouraged to bring that project you are going to get around to "any second now". :D

    Saturday April 30, 2016
    2169 Mission Street
    3rd floor
    San Francisco, CA 94110-1219
    1.5 blocks south of 16th Street Mission BART station.

    In the spirit of starting local groups, I started a meetup group. I don't know how I feel about that.
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens April 2016
    Oh yay, I'm in as a maybe pending my work schedule...
  • I'm around and should be able to make it :)
  • cyberlasscyberlass April 2016
    2 days away!
  • kuroro86kuroro86 April 2016
    Yo for the ones that leave in San Francisco , could you give and I to this company :  

    It looks interesting but has no recent news or technical. But they have an address , and noting is better than a face to face meeting. Just to ask how the project is doing.

    If you don't mind a journalistic adventure
  • cyberlasscyberlass April 2016
    Meetup pushed back a week!