Looking to start a group in NYC
  • SishioSishio April 2016
    I've been looking around this forum and others like it, and there's always a trend of most people theorizing and only a few actually doing - and I'd like to find some people to change that. I could give you the standard pitch about how there's so much wasted potential and how there needs to be people who innovate, but you know this.

    What we're going to be doing will be new and difficult by definition. This is not a workshop to do things that have already been done, like magnets in our fingers or playing with LEDs. This is for a project and a group focused on what hasn't been done yet - not a casual meetup.

    I'm looking for people who are interested in biotechnology and creating things that other people haven't yet. Tell us if you're interested - there's a lot to be done and not a lot of people who are capable of doing it. alt, my email is [email protected]
  • JohnDoeJohnDoe April 2016
    Yes there are a lot of theory's on here, the other side of the coin is that EVERYTHING must be done perfectly. Implants and wareables represent a lot of time and money. Just saying high standards bog down the system....
  • SishioSishio April 2016
    That's not it. It's not about perfection, it's about ease. A lot of people are fine with exploring things that have already been done to death, like magnets or LED arrays. It's not as hard, and it's less risky spending time on something you know will work versus something you don't, which is the key problem. Most people aren't really motivated to innovate.
  • ZerbulaZerbula April 2016
    There's heaps of innovative ideas to improve and reimplement new ideas and technologies as well as just new ideas and projects. ^^ Read around.

    And to some degree, without the full process being one simple page to read, there is naturally some repeating of inventing the wheel for some things. It's a new exploration for each person who does something on their own.

    My current interest this second is trying to figure out a way to passively with no input, other than the body, augment the blush reaction. Potentially using some medium as thermotropic liquid crystals to shift and express things further than simply the invisible thermal difference and darkening red. Lasers, makeup and fireflies have all made appearances. :0

    But the simple matter is I'm a 20 year old who works with chainsaws and has no formal experience with biology or chemistry past high school education, a limited amount of time and funding to dedicate, and no cool equipment to play with.

    And we are all across the world, but I would love to see established groups of grinders form more teams. This would be awesome. ^^
  • SishioSishio April 2016
    There's a ton of innovative ideas, and a lot of cool things that people can be doing - it's just that not a lot of people are trying to do anything new. You're doing something new and that's cool. I'm just looking for people around the area that are looking for a place to work on new things with.
  • SishioSishio April 2016
    Bumping this, I know there's at least a few people in NYC who might want to start projects.
  • BirdMachineBirdMachine April 2016
    Boston's pretty quiet on the grinding side, and only a short & inexpensive bus ride away (depending of course if it catches fire frequently or not). I'd be down for swinging by to spend time with a group. Already got a lot of projects on my plate, but working actually physically near people can do wonders for motivation and drive :)
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul April 2016
    I may have missed it but where in NY? I'm in the south east part of ma and depending on where you are in may be down. I'd be more so if we could get a halfway point possibly with more north east people.
  • maxatmicmaxatmic April 2016
    I'm over in Brooklyn and I think there maybe be a couple others here, I can't recall. Would be into meeting up though.
  • SishioSishio April 2016
    Do you guys have skype/email? It'd be easier to talk and collab on a possible meetup on a messaging medium, rather than here.
  • BirdMachineBirdMachine April 2016
    Skype and email, yes :) Though skype tends to rip through resources of every machine I've run it on.

    We could do a freebe slack group?
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul April 2016
    I sent you, sishio, my email if you want to talk to me at all.

    @birdmachine I feel like we should probably meet some day seeing we are in the same state lol. I also see a possible carpool to one of these get togethers.

    I'm actually unfamiliar with slack or irc so if that is where it might go I will need to be a little filled in to use it.
  • Jthoma99Jthoma99 September 2016
    Hey all, I know I'm late to the party but I just saw this thread. I live In Brooklyn and I just started grad school for biomedical engineering, so I am looking to get involved with an innovative project that really pushes the boundaries of what is possible with biohacking/electronic devices. Are you still trying to get something together OP?