Documentary about biohacking - Biohacking: we need an upgrade
  • lucidelucide March 2016
    Hi everyone! 
    Thank you all very much for your help! I posted about searching for people who wanted to participate in our documentary and got a lot of response. 
    Right now Laura and I are in Pittsburgh to film with the people from Grindhouse Wetware. We have also been to the Bodyhacking con in Austin, where we filmed with Gabriel and also met some more of you guys. 
    If you would like to get updates on the progress of our documentary, you can find us here on Facebook. We will also let you know on here when we are completely done and ready to get it out to the world of course! 
  • kuroro86kuroro86 March 2016
    there is a way to keep up , without facebook ? 

    Thanks for the information 
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul March 2016
    Exciting keep the updates rolling good luck filming!
  • I recently flew down from Alaska to Pennsylvania for a week and I have been wanting to meet the guys at Grindhouse wetware, I sent you a Facebook message, hopefully you'll reply soon
  • lucidelucide March 2016
    @kuroro86 We are working on a website, we'll let you know when it launches.

    @SeekerofEvolution. Thank you for your message, I have replied to you on Facebook!

    And Meanderpaul; Thank you!