Pub Crawl Meetup San Francisco - Friday Feb 19, 2016
  • cyberlasscyberlass February 2016
    @Cassox will be in town Friday Feb 19 and thought it would be fun to meet up with some of the SF/Bay area locals. Who can make it out Friday evening?

    Since it'll be Friday night and everywhere will be packed, I think a pub crawl makes sense. We can get a drink or two and then talk on the way to the next spot. I picked out three that looked good (the beer hall is further away from the others so may not make the cut):

    Yes: Cyberlass, Cassox
    Maybe: @mmuyskens

    Meet at 6pm?
    Hogwash, 582 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
    Benjamin Cooper, 398 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
    Mikkeller Bar, 34 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
    The Beer Hall, 1 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
  • ZerbulaZerbula February 2016
    FFS that's my area, but I'll be busy with work. I'd love to meet him, too. V_V
  • CassoxCassox February 2016
    Yep. Itd be fun if you could make it.
  • ZerbulaZerbula February 2016

    Friday is my 'swing shift' day in the week. Work really late, work really early the next morning... And SF is already a decent drive there and back on top of it... At least 3 hours round trip >~<

    If you are passing through Santa Cruz later in the night, hit me up. That's something I might be able to make, possibly. no promises, But that would be possible. :3

  • mmuyskensmmuyskens February 2016
    Throw me down as a maybe? Depends how early I get off work. Keep me in the loop.
  • CassoxCassox February 2016
    Aye, are you running karaoke somewhere that night?
  • JohnDoeJohnDoe February 2016
    Slightly of topic but know the less.... Why is that it seems like most everyone is in about the same area of California? Texas is a big ass state how can there be no one else here is from Texas?

    Sincerely,(a confused)
    John Doe
  • ZerbulaZerbula February 2016
    California is still pretty big, this 'close distance' is still hour(s) apart for what looks like the closer of us... >~<

    We should have a map with like little dots of the zip codes everyone is in or something to show density or something. ^^ That'd be cool
  • JohnnyKJohnnyK February 2016
    Agreed, a map would be cool.
    I'm in Texas, San Antonio.

    Remember the Alamo!
  • JohnDoeJohnDoe February 2016
    In honesty I wouldn't give anymore information about my location beyond my state. It will make you paranoid if you saw how crazy "normal" people can get....
    Amen to that I live on one of our borders about a 8-12 hour drive depending on the route you take.
  • ZerbulaZerbula February 2016

    Trust me, I understand privacy and the jazz you're talking about. At the same time, if someone REALLY wanted to know where you live, they would find you regardless of what you tell them or not, the information could easily be dug up here if someone tried hard enough.

    I don't mind telling people general 25 mile proximity. That's a stupid amount of area to try to cover to look for one person, unless again, you have intent to find someone. in which case, refer to the above. ^^'
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens February 2016
    @Cassox - Friday night gig died off. Was more of a hassle then what it was worth. I stay busy enough with the day job.

    Speaking of karaoke.... I'm sure there's gotta be some good places in SF....
  • JohnDoeJohnDoe February 2016
    Have you ever heard of the great guitar tone wood debate? Look at willseasyguitar on YouTube and you will see how crazy people will get.
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens February 2016
    We should have a map... like the one DT has for partners. Maybe I'll start something...
  • ZerbulaZerbula February 2016
    Just a rough map. >~<<br />
    by zip code would be more than adequate. Or by major nearby city, or even county. X_X
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul February 2016
    I'll stick some info out there if you make something.
  • CassoxCassox February 2016
    Cyberlass updated the info at top, but it didn't show as a bump.
  • ZerbulaZerbula February 2016
    I can't make that, sorry... >~<
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens February 2016
    Work has me up in Napa of all places, I'm in.
  • cyberlasscyberlass February 2016
    Cool, we'll aim for 6 then and see how it goes.
  • meanderingmanmeanderingman February 2016
    I might be able to make it out - moving into my new place that day though so I'm gonna have to play it by ear. 
  • ZerbulaZerbula February 2016
    That day is about 30 minutes ago, silly. ^^'
  • cyberlasscyberlass February 2016
    Heading to Benjamin Cooper
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens February 2016
    I'm like a half mile away from there, I'll be there shortly
  • ZerbulaZerbula February 2016
    Have a Shirley Temple for me, please. :v
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens February 2016
    Too gay, beer only right now.
  • ChilliEyeChilliEye February 2016
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens February 2016
    Ya'll missed out on a good time.
  • meanderingmanmeanderingman February 2016
    Bah! That's what I get for checking the forums once a week. Next time
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens February 2016
    @meanderingman you nearby?

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