New York People out there?
  • CathasachCathasach February 2016
    I'm in Brooklyn, anyone else around here? I'd love to meet up and talk shop. I've put together the supplies to start on a bottlenose like device and I have hopes of getting a testing rig up to test the sensitivity of people's response to various stimuli. Any out there?
  • maxatmicmaxatmic February 2016
    Brooklynite here! Where around the borough are you?
  • CathasachCathasach February 2016
    I'm down in brooklyn as well, Flatbush, but I work out in greenpoint a few nights a week.
  • angrybeoangrybeo March 2016
    Hi guys,

    I'm currently in Manhattan but will most likely be in Brooklyn after the summer. I would love to meet other people. 

  • CathasachCathasach April 2016
    We should plan a meet up. Maybe a friday early evening one day.
  • Bump.

    @angrybeo @maxatmic

    Anyone else interested in NYC meetup?
  • I would be very interested.
  • Well, I'm near Trenton in New Jersey most of the year, but could feasibly take a train one day. Would be cool to meet up one day.
  • Tomorrow I'll be finding out my work schedule going forward. Is there a day that works for you all? I know sundays will be good for me, and most evenings should be good as well.
  • Getting to NYC is pretty easy from Boston via bus, so I could hopefully make an NYC meetup happen :)
  • Any weekend starting from next week to May-ish would be good for me. Once the semester's out, getting up there would be harder but still doable. 
  • CathasachCathasach March 13
    How does Saturday, April 29 work for people?

  • ChrisBotChrisBot March 14
    That wouldn't work for me :(
    What about the 8th or the 15th?

  • CathasachCathasach March 15
    15 April would be best of those two. How about for the rest of people? 

    Is a month enough time?
  • That's probably a good day for me. Where would this take place?

  • ChrisBotChrisBot March 31
    Anybody else what to follow up on this? I am still down but not exactly in a position to plan such an event

    I also didn't realize that the 15th is the day before Easter. I could still do either day though the 8th would probably be better.
  • arkwlarkwl May 14
    Just joined the forum, but im a dev who's interested in this and im located in the Manhattan/Long Island area.