looking for a support !
  • pram3010pram3010 January 2016
    Hi all, I am a researcher & want to visit Australia to continue my research on suburbs people survivals. I want to know more about the culture, climate, their ways of living, cost of living, structure of living, etc. Brief about myself, i am a student of PhD. from India & doing deep research on people living in suburbs of developed & developing countries. Guys, i have searched on internet too. found few sites like - www.microburbs.com.au but not found much relevant to Australia. guys suggest something better to proceed quickly on my research.....Regards !
  • glimsglims January 2016
    I'm not sure that this conversation is applicable to this forum....
  • RytcdRytcd January 2016
    Sorry Pram, I only Jungle and ADC
  • bartiebrobartiebro January 2016
    Which division?