Magnet Implanter in london-ish
  • gbitgbit January 2016

    I live in the middle of nowhere and there is no one here to do a magnetic implant, I will be traveling to London in the end of may and I would love to use my time there to get a magnetic implant, can anyone recommend an implanter in the London area ?
  • katykaty January 2016
    I had my xNT implanted by Peter Monckton in Southampton ( - he may be able to put you in touch with someone who can do the magnets. I was very satisfied with the chip implant.

    Where are you sourcing your magnets?
  • gbitgbit January 2016

    Thanks for the tip, I'll try contacting them

    I'm waiting for cyberise to finish their testing of their M31's
    If they turn out well I will order them
  • S_BXS_BX January 2016
    Have a look in the wiki; there are a couple people listed in there.
  • gbitgbit January 2016

    The wiki page for implanters is empty :(

  • S_BXS_BX January 2016

    Click the "List of magnet implanters," link on that page you linked to.
  • gbitgbit January 2016

    Hahahha wow I feel dumb xD
  • FredFred January 2016
    I had my xNT implanted by Quentin at Kalima in Worthing (near Brighton). I didn't get a magnet, but he does them and has one himself.
  • gbitgbit January 2016

    Thanks, I have mailed them :D
  • mikemmikem February 2016
    there is a place in manchester too that does and they supply steve haworth magnets as he had a few issue with the DT ones
  • FroFro July 2016
    I don't suppose you have the details for the one in Manchester?