Anybody up in Seattle
  • LukoLuko January 2016
     Hey i live up in Seattle, and as far as i can see I've heard nothing about a meet-up around here. thanks
  • glimsglims January 2016
    I live up in Seattle, but I'm currently in Chile right now. I'll be back around mid Feb. 
    I'll drop you a line when I'm back. Maybe some other people will chip in on this thread.
  • shrbly_exeshrbly_exe January 2016
    Hey, i live in seattle. Do you live near greenwood?
  • glimsglims January 2016
    Near Greenlake on the Roosevelt side.
  • LukoLuko January 2016
    sweet I'm up in Broadview
  • JohnOlsonJohnOlson January 2016
    I used to live in Tacoma. Had John Durante implant my first magnet in Seattle. Haven't had any problems in the 2.5ish years it's been in.
  • MattGuyMattGuy January 2016
    I just moved down to Kent from Edmonds, a meetup for us in the area sounds like a great idea.
  • LukoLuko January 2016
    I an out of town for the next month or so but I'll be back in March.
  • glimsglims February 2016
    I'm back in Seattle for the next few months. Any locals want to meet up?
  • ParanoiahParanoiah March 2016
    Give me a holler if any of you guys want to meet up. I live down in Tacoma but I'm in Seattle everyday. Working in Chinatown.
  • Fuzzyblaa100Fuzzyblaa100 March 2016
    I got a buddy on the forum in the Seattle area, I'm in Japan and won't be back at least till late 2017~
  • Hey, I'm in Gig Harbor/Tacoma area. I'm happy to see so many Washingtonians!