Implanter in the UK? Preferably London area!
  • MilesMiles November 2015
    Hi Everyone. 

    I'm new to the forums here, and I am wondering if anyone knows of any places or people that are willing to do a biomagnet implant in my finger in the UK.
    I don't mind travelling a bit. I did the XNT implant myself with ease, but the procedure for the magnet looks a lot more difficult. 
    Also, I'm planning on getting the M36 however it doesn't have an ETA. Is it worth waiting for it or are there any other magnets you can recommend? 

    Thanks for your help! 
  • Donovan880Donovan880 December 2015

    I get mine done by Titch at Time Bomb in Croydon 

    Ask for Titch and say Ryan recommended you, she done my tags and although her fist time doing the magnets she has said she will do this and when I asked for the chip she done a weeks research, read the guide 10 times and had it to hand the whole time to reference. She even read up the the hands anatomy so I trust her. 
  • satnavtomingtonsatnavtomington December 2015
    Did you have to take your own magnet there or did they order their own?
  • Donovan880Donovan880 December 2015
    You can take your own but please take your proof of purchase for them too see as they can say no if they don't feel the implant is from a legitimate source. They have to be cautious.

    You can call them in advance to speak to them about this. I highly recommend this store as everyone is friendly and before I got my XNTI Titch researched the hand and how it worked in order to not cause damage.

    I took my own XNTI in the package to show it was sterile plus my invoice from DT. If you do go here I would be happy to join you help explain it to them as I have asked for my magnets to be done there.

    Every time I go it is clean and sterile in the piercing room. 
  • Donovan880Donovan880 December 2015
    If you have any questions please feel free to PM me. 
  • FredFred December 2015
    I can recommend Quentin at Kalima in Worthing. He's got loads of experience with implants including magnets. Since doing my xNT last year I see he now stocks them too and has one himself.